About Us


I was born and raised in Washington (State). When I was 18 I joined the Army right before September 11th, 2oo1. I deployed to three operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. After 8 years he was discharged, and began a new life in Kansas City, Kansas. I worked several jobs while I attended school full-time, to achieve a degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. I received my Associates Degree from Johnson County Community College, and continued onto Park University to achieve my bachelors degree. During school I worked as a mechanic, package handler, sales representative, and gun range operator. He loved to work out, write, and support other veterans.


I was raised in Kansas most of my life, also living in Minnesota in high school. I went to Kansas State University to achieve a degree in Family Studies and Human Services, but when the market crashed in 2008 I was not able to find work in the field. I went back to school to achieve an associates in Veterinary Technology. I began working at a large shelter in Kansas City, and went on to work at a specialty and emergency center for 5 years. I have been a certified SCUBA diver since I was 11, and a competitive swimmer for 14+ years, so needless to say I pretty much love water.

John & Laura

As of January 2017  we will have been married for 3+ years. We were married in Fort Meyers, Florida at Pink Shell. We began to travel when we could, mostly on school breaks. We went on an eastern Caribbean cruise which we enjoyed but thought we could experience more by traveling to the location rather then spending the office hours off the boat there. We went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico next. This trip we hiked ruins of Coba and Tulum and snorkeled with sea turtles in Akumal (twice). We realized learned so much about the local culture and enjoyed the adventure of it all. Later that year we took a trip with some friends to Cozumel for a diving trip. We rediscovered again how much better things were away from the stress our daily lives were amounting to.

After the trip to Cozumel we decided to start making changes. We were so happy traveling and felt trapped by the stress of our lives. We both wanted to work in very important fields that demanded long work hours and a lot of time away from home. We started thinking about buying a home in Florida and moving, not only to start over but to be closer to recreational activities we both enjoyed. We were watching a lot of fulltime RVers channels on YouTube and started joking about quitting and just going for it. At first the jokes were light-hearted and then we started actually considering it. With continued pressures at work we decided when he was done with school we would want to be doing something else. We looked into what it would take to start the lifestyle and saved up a lot of money to see if we could even achieve it. We decided we wanted a 5th wheel, and he found the truck in February of 2016. There was no use in owning a dually if we didn’t get the RV too, so we were really serious at this point. We contacted local RV Dealers and within a couple of months of looking we found our home.

The Start of Hebard’s Travels:

October 2016 we said “see you soon” to our work, family, and friends, to try and make a life traveling and finding work as we go. We started our own blog and YouTube channel to help share what we have learned, and encourage others who may need a life change like us.

We became Hebard’s Travels.

So far we have been to Pensacola, Florida, across the southern states to Houston Texas, and further west to Canyon Lake, Texas (Hill Country!). In April we are starting out rip to the North West so that we can be in Washington by the end of June!

Thank you for your interest in our channel and blog, if you ever have questions, or have advice please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Hope to see you on the road!

Laura & John