Boondocking in Florida

How to boondock in Florida is a common question we get, one that I believe keeps many from even trying it. This year we really wanted to see what we could find. So far this is our favorite boondocking spot in Florida. There are many we have not been to, yet and we will continue to share them as we go! The video takes you on a tour of the area:

Lake Panasoffkee is an Equestrian and Primitive Camping site. In the primitive camping area- we were informed that no generators are allowed. We did not see this posted but it may be good to ask before parking if you need to use one. The Equestrian area is towards the Camp Hosts location and the stables, if you are coming to camp here please respect the equestrian riders space. There are awesome trails and paths all over the area that you can hike for miles!

The fog visits nearly every morning, there was only one while we were here that did not have fog rolling over the plains. It made for spectacular sunrises. The sunsets at this location are nothing short of breath taking either. 

There is a lot of space here, much of it is wide open for great solar capture, the shady areas are cooler. There is a camp host who stays on the property 24/7 and makes sure the area is is safe. There are also many local law enforcement officers who frequent the park during the day.

There is water, but it is not labeled potable. It is well water, and we were able to safely drink it using the filters from RV Water Filter Store. There are dumpsters for trash, an outgoing mailbox, picnic area, full restroom with flush toilets (no showers), horse stables, and fire pits and picnic tables at each spot (dispersed),

So how do we find these sites? Most of the available boondocking locations in Florida fall under the Department of Water Management and Conservation. See the above map to help plan if you are considering boondocking these locations. While these sites used to be open without reservation, there were serious issues with people staying in one spot all winter long and not respecting the posted rules, so they have limited the amount of time you can stay to 14 days in some locations and 7 in others. If you are planning to camp at these locations please honor the rules so that the sites are not locked to others in the future. Each district also has their own website for reservations, so if you are planning to visit different areas, you will need to sign up on different websites. 

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