Increase Fridge Space-Beverage Coolers for 5th Wheels | NewAir AB-850B Review


Do you like camping or tailgating? Is your RV fridge too small? Are you tired of going inside every time someone needs a drink? Does your RV fridge not get drinks cold enough? Have you considered switching to a residential fridge because you’re fed up?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you’re in the same boat as many other RVers. Even if your RV manufacturer put a large enough fridge in (highly doubtful) I’ll bet that propane fridge doesn’t get your drinks cold enough. When turned on low this beverage cooler got down to 28 degrees before I turned it back up. (I don’t know when soda will freeze and explode.)

This little drink cooler literally solves every problem I listed.

You can set it outside, it’s only 49lbs. You can just carry it out there and run an extension cord so everyone’s not in and out of your rig every few minutes. That’s big for us because the dogs get all excited ever time the door is opened. It also keeps the heat and dirt outside.

Beverage Coolers for 5th Wheels | NewAir AB-850B Review

If all that wasn’t enough, here’s some more cool features:

  • It has an internal LED light that’s bright enough to actually see everything inside. It can be turned on or off.
  • The shelves are height adjustable.
  • The shelves have stop bars on the back. You can turn them around and lay cans on their side.
  • There’s a door lock. It comes with two keys so you can keep your kids away from the alcohol and caffeine.
  • It sips power.
  • There’s a tall section on the bottom for bottles, energy drinks, etc.
  • From room temp, it will cool down to where you set it in 30-75 minutes. Depending on the setting.
  • It holds almost 90 cans.
  • Last but certainly not least, it can hold a box of wine on its side.

I don’t think we’ll throw any ravers with it, but it’s sure nice to have a separate drink cooler. Neither of us have ever had a drink cooler before, we think it’s pretty cool.

Fridge puns!

Click on the fridge below and use the discount code “HEBARDS” to get 20% off!


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