Boondock Like A Pro: Finding the right location for you

Finding great locations to boondock can be a challenge when you start out boondocking. This is our method of finding incredible locations around the country we want to stay at around the country. This includes finding places with cell service so that we can continue bringing you awesome videos on youtube!


is a great resource to help you find the place you need, with or near amenities you will need during your stay. It features easy to use maps, filters to downsize the list of places by what they offer, and from what we can tell has more locations than any of the other maps out there. It is typically our first choice when starting research on where we are headed next. The maps are available via desktop and by app so you can use this on your phone easily.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 2.07.35 PM

Allstays lays things out in a really easy to understand way that is clear about what kind of campsite, campground, or area you are heading to. It shows fuel stops, truck stops, restaurants, Walmarts, public lands, private campgrounds, National Forest Lands, even Elk’s Lodges and Moose Lodges. When you select an icon it will show you a quick view of what it is and some details, and when you fully expand the description it will share reviews, websites, directions, and what others have experienced there. The only things that this app is missing, is the ability to user report the cell signals, and it is not as nicely laid out as apps like Campendium.

This is typically our second resource. Often will have locations that AllStays does not. It tells you wether the spot is free or what others have paid. This is web based so there is not an app that goes along with the program. It does not have as many listed locations and occasionally you will run into things that have changed from the reviews. An important thing to look for when using this app is when it was last reviewed. We have been to a few places where it was not as the user said it was, likely due to things changing after they wrote it. The Green Tents indicate that they are free spots and the red tents indicate that you have to pay. A nice feature of FreeCampSites.Net is that it outlines the public lands, places you will need a permit, or places that need more research.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 2.13.55 PM

– Campendium –

Campendium is an excellent resource to find pictures of the location so you know a little more about what you are walking into. User reviews are added easily and their form/process of adding the reviews is very streamlined and efficient. They give cellular signal reviews so that you can tell if you will have service or not there. This is more widely used than the previous two among the RV Community. The only downside is that there are many places that we have been, that have not been added yet. We suspect this will be remedied in time to catch up to our other two apps that we use regularly.

A really nice feature of Campendium is that you can build a profile, so if you are a fulltime traveler and have a blog, or do reviews frequently, this is a great way to connect with your audience a new level. This also allows users to search for their favorite reviewers check out the locations they have been. If you have someone who typically travels like you do, you can see where they have been and reviewed.

The layout is the cleanest among all of our favorite apps so it is easy to look at and know where things are. Literally the only reason we do not use this as a primary resource is that it does not have as many locations as the other two. As soon as it does, this will easily be our top choice.

Each program uses different elements to give you the best overview of where you are headed, so you will know what you need and what to expect.


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