Lot-Docking (A Subdivision of Boondocking)

Become our-5

Every person we ask has a different take on what Boondocking is, we have touched on this in videos prior to this but to us Boondocking is a type of RVing that has no hookups, and is generally free. Within that category there are several types of Boondocking.

1. Lot-Docking– Typically in a parking lot of a retail store or restaurant. Some of the famous places include: Costco, Sam’s Club, Super Walmart, Cabela’s, some Bass Pro Fishing Stores, Cracker Barrel, Home Depot and Lowes. The typical etiquette we have heard repeated across the board, is that even if there are RVs in the parking lot, it is generally a good idea to go in and ask permission. We have yet to be turned down and we always buy something even if it is a candy bar from the checkout area. Asking gives us the peace of mind that should we gain permission, we can relax and not worry about getting the knock on our door after the business closes for the night.

2. Mooch-Docking- Staying at family or friends places and occasionally even getting electric, water, and possibly a place to dump on the property. This is really utilized while visiting family and friends but it can be a rare scenario if you have a larger rig.

3. BLM (Docking?)- Staying on public lands, stay and amenities vary and often the traveler needs to be very self sufficient to enjoy this.

4. Federal Lands (Docking?)- Staying on National Forest Service Land, National Parks, or State Parks. There are often some amenities but not available at the sites (depending on where you are going) This is another level that requires self sufficiency in most cases.

5. GigDocking- It’s a relatively newer concept that our friends from GeoAstroRV informed us about. They travel the country putting on astronomy shows so people can come to them and see incredible stars and galaxies that they have likely not seen before. Traveling to find places to share your hobby or your livelihood and obtaining a place to stay in return.Become our-5

Cabelas has long been one of our favorite places to find for a few reasons. They typically have RV spaces that can accommodate longer rigs. From what we have seen there is always a place to get water, dump the tanks, and sometimes has kennels and horse pins for dogs. I can’t see an occasion where we would want to use the kennels but it is something they offer.

The store closes at night which means less traffic outside of your rig in the middle of the night. You get to go shopping at one of the coolest outdoor stores that still exists (hoping Bass Pro does not change this too much). They have clothing, often a restaurant, but food regardless. They have all kinds of home goods that can make just about any RVer feel at home, and they have clean restrooms.

What are your favorite places to Lot-Dock? Were there any you didn’t see on the list?


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