Building A Mega Solar System For A 5th Wheel

Many have made divisive definitions in the past about what is and is not this type of RVer versus another. In our opinion, there is one name for all of them and how they choose to accomplish that goal, is just a personal preference. I know that statement make be a shocking revelation to some.

Many find their comfort level in different aspects of the scale below when they set out RVing. Sometimes it can take years, sometimes it is known from the start. Their are financial obstacles, as well as mental changes that occur. You probably didn’t come here to read our opinions on this, but we wanted to make one part very clear. Our journey was never to set out to define ourselves by societies terms, it was to find the way we wanted to live.


“1600 Watts, really?!”

That’s the reaction we’ve been getting since we announced we would be taking the plunge into solar. It should be known that wanting to get a system this large was not some kind of point of pride, it was in fact born out of necessity. We needed to be able work and to keep our creature comforts on the road, while also keeping the rigs systems functioning properly.

First and foremost, there is that Residential Fridge. This was a pretty picture of our rig before we moved in, notice the dark valences… yeah. Anyways, That fridge consumes 1000watts by itself. That is no small feat. The RV industry likes putting them in. Consumers love to buy rigs with them.


If your goal is to go from RV Park to RV Park and keep it plugged in for the majority of the rigs life, this is the fridge for you. It’s big, holds anything a standard home in America would have in the fridge. Then there are the people like the scale shows above, a smaller percentage, who want to be able to be self sufficient while traveling and not have to rely on paying a nightly fee to obtain power. That’s where we were. Not only because of the budget growing smaller each day as we launched our own business, but in reality, we wanted to be free. We didn’t want to only be in places that had a decent RV Park or Campground dictating where we could go, when and for how long.

If you only came here for the list of main components to this system, here are the clickable links to each component:

4 FullRiver DC 400-6 AGM Batteries
Magnum 3000watt Hybrid Inverter
Magnum Advanced Remote Control
Morningstar TriStar 45amp
200 Watt 12v HiTec Solar Panels
Victron Battery Monitor
Universal Tilt Brackets
Z Brackets for Mounting
Deltec 500 Amp Shunt
Blue Sea Battery Shut Off
Black 1.5″ Heat Shrink
Red 1.5″ Heat Shrink
#4 Welding Cable
$2 Welding Cable
#4 3/8″ stud ring connectors, non insulated
#2 3/8″ stud ring connectors, tinned copper

We filmed this entire series and put it together to show how we put the system together and how it works. There are several tools and smaller items that were personal choices such as the fuses, that are shown in the videos. Please let us know if you have any questions, preferably on the youtube video in the comments (it notifies us instantly and we can reply the fastest to the questions).

Mounted on passenger side using Z Brackets and framing.-4


Special thank you to Pau Hana Travels, Opting Out of Normal, and Pullen On The Road for their help and guidance in putting this system together. We could not have done it without your help!

Thank you Northern Arizona Wind & Sun for providing the components and walking us through how they will come together. You were great to work with and even making exchanges you made it really easy for us. Thank you!

The links above to Amazon, are Amazon Affiliate Links. They do not add more onto your purchase price but they give us a small percentage for linking to their webpage. This helps support our channel and blog and provide quality content for viewers in the future. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at



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