Boondocking in Oatman, AZ

This might seem like an odd place to pick for boondocking, but it ended up being a very charming place to visit. The town of Oatman, AZ is an old mining town that was famous for Silver and the last US gold rush.

Oatman is also very well known for their local burros! They are super friendly and basically search you for food you might have to offer them. They roam the town and even frequent the shops! This is a great location in-between Sedona and Las Vegas. It was a longer travel day to get here but it also made it really easy to get up to Las Vegas. This was our exact boondocking location with GPS Coordinates. Watch out for debris in the area, as it has been heavily used and not as well maintained as some areas.Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.45.41 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.39.36 PM


This town is located on the last untouched section of Route 66. So if you’re planning a Route 66 road trip don’t miss Oatman, it’s so unique and fun to visit! In town they have the Oatman Hotel built in 1902 which has been said to have many ghosts inhabiting and frequenting the hotel. The town began to struggle in 1942 when the mines were shutdown by the US Government. Even though they had produced over 40 million dollars in gold and precious metals, mining companies were told to mine ore that could be used for the wars instead of gold. When they began to build the highway system in the 1950’s the entire town was bypassed. Thankfully tourism was able to keep the town alive. It still holds onto its charming roots and is still a really neat place to visit.




2 thoughts on “Boondocking in Oatman, AZ

  1. Joyce Cotner says:

    Did you tow a trailer on that stretch eastward toward Kingman from Oatman. We did and I’ve been asking forgiveness for my navigating ability ever since.

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