Xscapers Annual Bash Part 1 & 2

It has been a crazy couple of months and we stepped away from blogging for a minute to get other projects up to speed. Now we can catch up on our blog!


Boondocking At Saddle Mountain: We spent a few nights boondocking out at the popular spot Saddle Mountain, on our way to Quartzsite, AZ. We enjoyed the quiet peace but we had a lot to get accomplished. We began practicing interviews for Ghost Town Nomads and the upcoming movie RV Nomads. We were able to work with Eric and learn more about the process and get a small taste (I mean super small) of what filming will be like this year! He was able to give us some much needed guidance and realized just how much we’re going to have to practice this to get better at it.

We also learned what we will need to do to make the next month comfortable as we alternated a boondocking and a couple overnights at RV Parks. We really enjoyed it and brainstormed ways that we could make it easier for us while we are working on the road.

From Saddle Mountain we moved over to Quartzsite, AZ. The RV Mecca of the country, who knows, maybe the world! It was just as fun and crazy as we had been forewarned! We attended our first Xscapers Convergence at the Annual Bash Part 1. We met so many new people and we hung out with people we have followed on YouTube for a long time. It wasn’t just about YouTubers, there were many bloggers there as well. By the 3rd day, our refrigerator began to have issues again.


This time we knew we were in trouble. We did not want to have to replace the fridge but we were stuck in a big dilemma. RV Repairmen did not want to work on a residential style refrigerator, and Appliance repairmen did not want to work inside of an RV. Of course we had a warranty but it didn’t do us a bit of good considering the previous issues. So John started looking at different parts to see what we could do. We knew the inverter was part of it but not how. So we replaced that first. We installed a Xantrex 2000watt inverter, hoping the fridge was just underpowered. It did not work, and in the process we had to do some funky rewiring to get it to work. We shuffled our food to friends refrigerators and put it off until we could actually repair it.

We moved to American Girl Mine for Part 2 of the Annual Bash the following week. We ran the generator constantly, trying to keep the refrigerator happy. Needless to say it still wasn’t fixed. We spent more time enjoying the convergence and less time worrying about the food. We were happy to find out that group cooking is actually a thing at these get togethers, so while we made a few meals ourselves, we got to enjoy other’s meals and great company! It really worked out! We knew at this point something major would have to happen with our electrical system to get it all to be happy again.

After the convergences, many in our traveling group needed a minute to take care of business and regroup. We parted ways to Camp Verde, AZ. It was only supposed to be for a week, and the first day we had we started making calls to see what we could do about the electrical system. A great friend of ours gave us the contact information for someone who had quite a bit of experience with RVs and electrical systems. We called and he said he could come through and take a look at it but it would be another couple of weeks. So we called another nearby RV Park and made plans to stay in Camp Verde a little longer.

We met so many wonderful new friends at these convergences and found ourselves wanting to do them more as soon as the power issues with our rig were finally resolved. This had been an on and off issue since day one of our travels and we knew we needed to do something big to fix it. Getting to meet more of our fellow cast members was also really fun. We finally met: Less Junk More Journey, RV Chickadee, Pau Hana Travels, Always on Liberty, Audrey Callahan Music, RV Love, Opting Out of Normal, and so many more!




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