The Best RV Christmas Gift

This year, quite by accident, we found the best RV Christmas gift ever. Due to all the problems we’ve had with our trailer Cedar Creek agreed to sell us a set of MORryde steps at a discount, I won’t say for how much. we got the strut assist model, not the ones with the locking handle. Here’s a link to the locking style that you can buy

To install them I needed twelve #10 1 1/2″ screws, two 11mm wrenches (preferably ratcheting wrenches), an impact driver, and a drill (I used a 1/8″ carbide bit) to pre drill the screw holes. I used a Dremel with a cut wheel to cut the wood trim. I also needed some pliers to remove the nails that held the trim on.

It took me about two hours to get them installed. I promise it only took that long because I work slow and take my time to prevent any mistakes. I had to cut and remove 22 inches of wood trim from either side of the interior door frame. I also had to remove the kick plate on the ground which consisted of four screws.

These new steps are fantastic! The trailer doesn’t move at all now, no matter how hard I walk up them. No longer will Laura worry about me tipping the RV over when I run up the steps!

Here’s a video showing our installation process.






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