A Dental Emergency Ruined Thanksgiving

I wish I could say the title is wrong, but it’s not. Tuesday evening Laura began to have some pain in her jaw and a nasty headache. By the next afternoon the pain was strong enough to have her in tears. I was on the way home from the dealership after the whole mess with our stereo getting stolen while they had it (a whole different story). She called me crying saying that she needed to see a dentist immediately.

When I got home I hopped online and went to our dental insurers website. Once there I used the “find a Dr.” function. I entered our current zip code and it spit out a list of oral surgeons in our area. The first office I called said they could squeeze us in to see the dentist, but that the surgeon wouldn’t be back until Monday after the holiday weekend.

You can watch our video here.


We immediately drove the 30 minutes to their office. The dentist saw her quickly and confirmed that her two wisdom teeth did indeed need to be removed quickly. They had grown in horizontally instead of vertically. She prescribed some pain medication and sent us to the scheduler to make a surgery appointment.

The scheduler immediately said that she could get us in to see a surgeon on Monday. Well I immediately panicked. Monday was the day for my big HUGE birthday surprise for Laura. I had bought VIP tickets for the Lindsey Stirling concert that evening in Houston, a three hour drive away. I mistakenly said something about this in front of the scheduler. I should have pulled Laura aside and told her so that she could have made her own decision. Oops.

After I said that the scheduler refused to listen to either of us. We tried to tell her to schedule the surgery for Monday, but she was determined to accommodate me. She called every oral surgeons office in the San Antonio area until she found someone that was still working on Thanksgiving eve, and willing to squeeze Laura in.

The problem here is that Laura didn’t know the surgeon’s background, history, reputation, or even his name. And she was being rushed into a procedure that required anesthetics. Needless to say she was pretty unhappy with me, and rightfully so. Anyway, the surgery went well. He gave us a stack of prescriptions and told us to call him if there were any complications.

Thanksgiving morning I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of apple sauce, yogurt, mashed potatoes and soup. Unfortunately that was her dinner that night. But lucky for her we’d eaten our Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday night. Eric, our producer, flew out to the RVIA show Wednesday morning. So, we had an early Thanksgiving dinner. The terrible part was that I was a one man show eating all of the leftovers. Poor Laura had to smell me making leftovers and watch me eat them three times a day for four days after her surgery and she wasn’t able to eat any of it. She actually couldn’t eat any solid food at all.

This is now four days after her surgery and things aren’t getting any better. She’s in as much, if not more, pain today than she was on day one. So instead of going to the concert tomorrow we’re going back to the dentist to try and figure out why. The Dr. called in some more medications for her today, but it’s been a rough road to recovery.

I apologize for being so behind on videos and blog posts. I’ve been completely focused on taking care of her. I have about ten alarms set in my phone to ensure that she gets all of her medications on time. We’ve been getting up every few hours each night for all the different medication schedules. We’re both pretty tired. Also, her pain medication has a lot of side effects so she hasn’t been able to sleep very well from them either. Because of all this I’ve been restricting my movements in the RV so that it won’t start rocking and wake her up. Moving around and going outside to film and edit video definitely wasn’t helping her sleep. So I just held off on work for a few days. Thank you for being patient with us.


7 thoughts on “A Dental Emergency Ruined Thanksgiving

  1. randombitsoftrialanderror says:

    I hope you are feeling better, Laura–it’s not a fun process getting those wisdom teeth out, especially with the way yours grew in. I hope it’s not infection and that the problem is resolved quickly. Wishing you a speedy return to normal. Wish we had more time to spend with John and you while we were in Texas–we so enjoyed the fireside visit. Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon. Meanwhile, take care and get better soon!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hebard's Travels says:

      We loved the campfire night as well. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys again. It’s not everyday we meet such kind and genuine people. Laura will see the Dr again today and hopefully he’ll be able to fix her up. Thanks for being such good friends.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. aelkins1 says:

    Oh no! I hope Laura’s recovery rate improves quickly. We are in a similar situation, need to get Shawn in to see an oral surgeon soon in the Houston area. And i
    I just got over a bad case of step throat. Strawberry shakes & applesauce FTW!

    Liked by 2 people

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