Fishing For Ants, Trees and Bass

We had an amazing night with a campfire, food, fellowship, and fellow RVers. We were lucky enough to hang out with:

15875026_1717028144989684_126115697942058459_oMike and Sarah Van Nattan from RV Fishing Adventures

Mike and Sarah have a youtube channel dedicated to fishing while traveling in an RV around the country! They have two adorable kitties who enjoy kayaking with them as well!

19453109_1603414283043117_4343028434541856448_oMichael Osborne from Foto Hysteria

Michael is an incredible photographer who travels the country in a Class A, capturing some of the most epic scenery we have ever seen! He has started making YouTube videos sharing his passion for photography and all the incredible places he goes.

16487763_1840361789575525_3801067316731774810_oMike and Dawn Gondeck from Random Bits of Trial and Error and Random Bits RV

Mike and Dawn created Random Bits of Trial and Error close to the time that we started venturing into the RV Lifestyle. We thoroughly enjoy their blogs and videos about their adventures in the RV World. They write about a lot of the things we all go through when switching over to this lifestyle in a fun and creative way!

20621235_1823405377974332_7108951006372267767_nPatrick Larose from Paddy Wagon Travels

Patrick vlogs on YouTube about the full-time RV Lifestyle, and traveling our beautiful country! He has a plethora of great tips to make life a little easier traveling around the country, and funny stories too!

21768831_274512029706452_7613475879418483922_oEric Odom – Producer of RV Nomads the Movie, Creator of Ghost Town Nomads, and Owner of Epic Nomad TV, author of RV Nomads: The Full Time RV Life Explored (available soon)

Eric travels the country in a Class A Motorhome, and has created a new network for RVers who are sharing their stories through videos, blogs, and books. He is producing the movie RV Nomads, and starting a new channel called Ghost Town Nomads on ENTV. He recently dove right into the full-time RV lifestyle.


It was really fun getting to talk to everyone about RVing, traveling and making YouTube videos. At the end of the night no one wanted to leave. We’ll definitely have to do it again.

RV Fishing Adventures were the only people that were able to stay at the RV park with us. So the next day Mike and Sarah wanted to fish the pond on property. Since I don’t know how to fish I asked if I could tag along. Luckily they said yes so we made a day and a video of it.

Mike let me borrow a pole he made when he was 15 and it’s still catching fish. I can’t say anything about their gear since I don’t know much about fishing, sorry.

I do know that they can fish, and they can teach someone how to fish. I really enjoyed fishing with them. They both have that rare ability to give instructions in a way that’s easy to understand and execute. Within just a few minutes I had my fist bite. And shortly thereafter, with a bit more coaching, I pulled my first bass in.

My final count for the day was two bass, two trees and several bushes. Mike also caught two fish. Unfortunately I think we caught all the fish because Sarah didn’t get any. I’m kidding of course, we threw ours back in.

Unfortunately they both caught fire ants, but they were good sports about it. Even me loosing their lure to weeds didn’t get to them. They’re such nice genuine people. We’re really lucky to have met them.

So I guess I need to buy a pole and start fishing now, hopefully with them more often. I know I’ll be watching their channel more often. One afternoon wasn’t enough time to learn a fraction of what they know.











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