How To Trap Wasps Around Your RV & Replacing Outside Lights

This week Laura and I celebrated our four year anniversary. We grilled up a nice steak dinner and shared it with our producer and his girlfriend. Everything was going well until several wasps decided to crash the picnic.

I killed two with my fork but that only made things worse. After each one I killed two more would show up. We finally had to pack everything inside because they wouldn’t leave us alone. You can watch me make the traps and replace the lights in this video.

I figured last night would be the end of our wasp problems, but I was wrong. This morning when I walked the dogs there was a wasp sitting on our picnic table. I think it was waiting for us because it buzzed our heads for half of the RV Park.

After we got back Laura went and looked up wasp traps online. After reading a few articles she picked one and I tried it out. It involved cutting off the top of a soda bottle, smearing the outside with jam, then flipping it upside down, taping it place so it doesn’t fall to the bottom, dumping a few inches of fruit juice into the bottle, and setting it outside. The wasps will go inside for the jam and juice, not be able to fly out of the small opening and drown in the juice. I made two placing one on our site and the other on the producers. Obviously don’t fill it all the way like this picture, but you get the idea.


Today I also replaced the burnt out puck light in the closet and the burnt out ODS (opposite door side) light on the side of the camper. Cedar Creek sent us a few spare puck light just in case. We were happy to have them on hand. And the ODS light has been burned out for six months.

Unfortunately I forgot to tell the factory so they didn’t fix it. I remembered when we picked it up but they didn’t have the time to replace it. However, they did give me an LED light the new models are getting. Installing it was a little difficult. The old light was longer so they had different width screw holes. Also, the old light had a large amount of sealant on top of it. Like the puck light, the light’s wires were connected to the campers wires with crimp caps. Once uncrimped I was able to remove the old light and crimp the new light in. I had to remove the old sealant before I could mount the new light in order to line up the light’s wiring with the hole in the wall. I used a flat head screwdriver very carefully and scraped it off. It was in direct sunlight on an 85 degree day so it came off fairly easily. I placed putty tape on the back of the new light to hold it in place, drilled new screw holes, ran sealant around the outside, then finally filled the old screw holes with sealant. The new LED light is much brighter, I love it.

For most of the time I was working on the ODS light wasps kept buzzing me. That is until Laura figured out that they don’t like peppermint oil. So she put a few drops on a damp paper towel which I wiped on myself. Afterwards there were no more wasps in my face. At the end of the day the two wasp traps caught probably 30-40 wasps. They were incredibly successful. That’s a trick we’ll be using whenever we have this problem again.

Thanks for checking out our blog. If you haven’t heard yet, WE’RE GOING TO BE IN A MOVIE!!! Click the RV Nomads – The Movie link to learn more. We’re REALLY excited about it. Thanks for reading our blog.


4 thoughts on “How To Trap Wasps Around Your RV & Replacing Outside Lights

  1. Juanita Price Hebard says:

    Well that was interesting. For us visual people, would love to have seen a photo of the bottle full of wasps. 😲 Just glad no one got stung.
    On another note, I can’t believe I forgot to wish you guys a Happy Anniversary. Thought of it a few days ago and totally forgot again. Glad you were able to be doing what you love to do on your anniversary. 💑Pray this will be a beautiful, happy and successful year for you guys.
    Love, Mom

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Thank you!! It’s definitely been reinvigorating being on the road again! I will get a picture of it and upload that, I was pretty shocked it caught so many! Better yet, they are no longer coming by or trying to get us!


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