Fly Away Snowbirds

This week we finally migrated south! We’re officially 2017 snowbirds. Last year we spent the winter between Pensacola Beach, Houston and Canyon Lake Texas. Yes Pensacola Beach was beautiful, but it doesn’t stay very warm over the winter. So this year we chose south Texas after our wonderful experience at Canyon Lake last winter. As I’m writing this today we’re set to have another 90 degree day. That’s a bit warm for me, but next month the temperatures should settle down.


You can watch our video here.


The final leg of our migration was from the Oklahoma/Texas border at I-35 to 30 minutes outside of San Antonio. It ended up being an 8 hour travel day. That’s a bit long for us. We really try to keep travel days around 6 hours since we never really need to push it. However, this time we were finally meeting back up with the movie producer. We hadn’t seen him in a month and a half, and we’re excited to get back to work. So we decided to make the long haul, run away from winter and finally get back to work as soon as possible.

The day started out very foggy with about 1/4 mile viability. Luckily the fog burnt off quickly and we made good time. We traveled south on 35 to Dallas. We skipped Dallas and headed west to skirt Ft. Worth. From there we drove straight to Austin, stopping halfway for lunch.

Everything was going fine until we got to Austin. The traffic was stop and go on a Saturday afternoon from Georgetown (North of Austin) all the way to the southern suburbs. On top of the nasty traffic, Austin has curved bridges spanning the highway in many places. They’ll have two different height signs on different sides of the bridge. There were several bridges that I had to move to the middle of the highway and take up both lanes because the bridge was too short for us on one side. Food for thought if you’re driving through Austin.

We arrived at the RV park without incident and relaxed that night. The next day we went into San Antonio with the producer and explored the River Walk for a bit. We ate at the Casa Rio, the oldest restaurant on the River Walk and the food was amazing. We didn’t have much time to explore San Antonio that day, but we’ll be back. It’s a really neat area and we want to make a full video on it.


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