Beach Day at Lake Murray Sate Park

Lake Murray State Park is located a few minutes off I-35 in southern Oklahoma, almost to the border. It’s the first and largest state park and largest lake in Oklahoma. It has nine campgrounds, eight have RV sites with full hookups.

Something that made our day much easier was highway 77S which runs around the entire lake. It really made it easy to navigate the park. Every campground branches off of 77S. Speaking of campgrounds (wasn’t that a nice segue?) we went through four of them and were pretty impressed.

The first campground we drove though was part of the ATV park. There is actually an ATV park in the state park, and it has its own RV park. The sites all looked fairly long, probably enough for a full sized rig, tow vehicle and ATV. It felt like they planned for people needing more space! There’s about 10 miles of trails to ride there with direct access from the RV park. We had no T-Mobile service at this location.

The second was named Martin’s Landing. The campground juts out into the lake and is surrounded by water on three sides. It had full hookups on top of the hill near the road but not down near the water, those sites were power and water only. It was incredibly peaceful and quite. We had very little T-Mobile service there, 2-3 bars of 4G LTE.

The third campground we came to, was named Rock Tower. It is named after the large rock tower that stands in the middle of the tent camping area. It had multiple tent camping sites as well as a large RV area with full hookups and level concrete pads. There is also a boat launch at Rock Tower. We had almost full 4G LTE for T-Mobile service here.

After touring several campgrounds we decided to find out what else this enormous 12,000 acre park. We found a very unique structure on the lake shore named Tucker Tower. It was built in the 30’s to be a private retreat for the Oklahoma Governors. The tower is modeled after the European medieval castles. Sadly the project ran out of money before completion and no governors have ever stayed there. Some time later it was finished and turned into a museum. At the top of Tucker Tower I stood about 130 feet above the lake. It was an impressive view. If you ever visit mind the wasps, apparently they also like the view.

Tucker tower.jpg

We stopped and played for a while at Sunset Beach. We were the only people on the entire beach so were able to let the dogs play. We didn’t let them off leash, but they were able to play in the water a bit. Kimber is a bit prissy, she only dipped her paws in. Whereas Bullet being a typical lab dove right in and got soaked instantly.

We can’t let Bullet swim off leash anymore. Two years ago I threw a stick in a lake for him and thought he might drown. He swam past the stick and just kept going. The lake was very wide and I really doubt he would have made it across. Luckily we were there for Laura to test her SCUBA gear before a vacation. She was already in the water and was able to catch him before it was too late. So he can only swim with a retractable leash now.

Sadly we missed the best part of the park. They actually have floating cabins. We were really bummed about missing them. There’s a whole area on the lake with floating cabins for rent. There’s also two floating lodges that hold more than the cabins. I guess that gives us something to see next time!

floating cabins.jpg

If you’ve been following our travels this park is only 25 minutes north of the Winstar casino we stayed at. Yes the casino RV park was cheap, nice and had direct access to the casino for food and entertainment. But the casino doesn’t have a lake, woods or serenity, unfortunately. The quite peaceful outdoors are more of our style. And this park had plenty of that.


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