What Lurks Under The Shower Rail?

While living or traveling in an RV you’ll find certain places where funk can hide. We apologize that this isn’t one of our more fun travel videos. However, we did learn something pretty cool and we wanted to share it. We took apart our perfectly good shower door system for a much needed cleaning.

Our shower has the standard 3 piece shower (Tri-Slide?) door. It compacts down nicely for travel and latches so the doors won’t slide and break during travel. If you have never locked this for travel, I suggest starting. We have seen stories where people forgot and their shower doors have shattered.



The three rails on the bottom keep the doors in their rolling tracks and the rail has three sets of holes on the bottom to allow water to somewhat drain out of it. Sometimes gunk like soap or dirt get trapped in this rail system and it can be tough to clean. We typically use a folded paper towel and shower cleaner for the rails.

During the last shower cleaning we were spraying the rails out and noticed something coming out from underneath the rail. It resembled a large piece of material that might come out of your nose when you have a nasty upper respiratory infection. It raised some alarm bells as to where it would come from. We were able to move the rail by pushing and pulling gently on it. We then sprayed water underneath and what came out could only be described as the boogey man of the shower. We highly suspected there would be much more underneath then the water could spray out. Dark, warm, humid environments breed some of the most dangerous growths to humans and pets so this was something we had to take care of.

All jokes aside, we knew this probably wasn’t good to have growing in our shower and made a decision to figure out how to remedy it.

The area our shower head could reach(1)

So you find that your shower stall rails are not sealed on the inside. What do you do? Check out the video to see how we removed our shower door system, and the side rails. We have seen some say they want to do away with the glass doors all together. If you are wanting to go this route, make sure you seal all the screw holes so you don’t have water leaking where it should not.

Cleaning: we used Frosch Degreaser (Grapefruit/pink), and then Sanitizer (lavender/purple). Any standard shower cleaner should do the trick. The gunk was pretty easy to remove once we could get to it. We promptly rid our bathroom of the unwelcome hitchhikers and walked it to the dumpster. It may be important to wear a mask and gloves if you have a sensitive or compromised immune system. I’m sure this stuff is not too healthy to inhale, wash hands thoroughly afterwards or wear gloves like we did not do. (Standard Disclaimer)

When we reassembled the pieces, we used DAP Kwik Seal: DAPClear, Plumbing, Bath and Kitchen. It did not dry as clear as it should have, however it did seal up each side nicely. It claims to never crack, and has some kind of antimicrobial stuff in it. When moving frequently the never cracking part is pretty important. The Antimicrobial stuff, I have no idea if it will actually do what it claims or not, and have no way to test this in an RV.

–UPDATE– THE DAP sealant claims that it can be used after four hours, I wouldn’t recommend that. The tri rail trapped water at one end and didn’t let it dry. Therefore I now have to remove the bottom rail and reseal it again. This time we won’t use the shower for 48 hours.

Drainage Holes- We have seen how much trouble the water and debris has flowing out of the shower rail, so even though it wasn’t pretty, we decided to make the holes a little larger to aid in water evacuation. We used a drill and then sanded it down with a Dremmel. John does a great job explaining this in the video. The drainage holes are much more functional now which keeps the lower rail cleaner and makes it easier to clean.


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