Staying at the Winstar World Casino

This week we stayed at our first casino, and we picked a doozy. We stayed at the Winstar World Casino and Resort’s RV park. It’s Oklahoma’s largest casino. I could bore you with a lot of statistics, but it took me about 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other. I didn’t even see the event arena, go into any of the restaurants or go into either of the hotels.

Being Oklahoma’s largest casino, it makes sense that it would also have its own large RV park. There’s also an enormous parking lot for truckers where we saw multiple RV’s dry camping, if you don’t want to hook up.



I misspoke in the video. It is Oklahoma’s largest casino, not the world’s. 

The best part about staying at that RV park was the prices. After you obtain a casino players club card weeknights are $20 and weekend nights are $30, for a back in site. The park is very well maintained, all level concrete pads, all with full hookups, all with a picnic table/grill/and trash can. 

There’s a large pool, a free coffee/cappuccino bar, a lit walking path around the park, multiple dumpster locations, a children’s play area, basketball court, wide driving lanes, easy corners (no tight turns), two laundry facilities, about eight staging lanes for when you’re checking in, and a few hundred sites.

Here’s a few other observations about staying there. A shuttle runs the casino property about every 20 minutes. So while you’re staying there you can just grab a shuttle and run over to the casino for a meal, a show or some people watching free entertainment.

Another idea I had was a vacation away from your RV. If you full-time like us it’s your home, and every now and then it’s nice to stay somewhere a little different. With the RV park being so close to the hotels, and the regular shuttle service, you can have a hotel night vacation and still take care of your pets. That’s something we’ve never been able to do before. We don’t want to leave them in the RV without it being hooked up so they have heat or AC. We didn’t do it this time, but it’s an entertaining idea.

And if you’re security conscience remember you’re staying on casino property. We see the security truck drive through the RV park at least ten times a day. We’ve never felt safer anywhere else we’ve stayed. 

To add to the casino’s entertainment they have 3500 seat event venue. They’ll host fights, comedians, musicians, famous singers and even been told PBR bull riding. Gabriel Iglesias performed while we were there. Sadly it was already sold out. 

There’s also a PGA 36 hole golf course on the casino property. Neither of us golf, but we can still appreciate how impressive that is. 

Every other park we’ve been to that’s this nice is easily $50 a night. We will definitely be coming back here whenever we’re in the area. The casino is located right off I-35 on the Texas/Oklahoma border, on the Oklahoma side.











10 thoughts on “Staying at the Winstar World Casino

  1. Laurie Ely says:

    Shhhh! That RV park is where we stay every year either going or coming home for the winter in our RV! It’s a treasure! Love the catfish dinner at Toby Keith’s! We aren’t big gblets, but love to walk around the casino. Years ago they had the best senior breakfast on Wednesday or Thursday mornings, I can’t remember for sure. But the waiters wore tuxes, free live entertainment and wonderful buffets of good food. That had all changed. But still a great place to stop..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Haha sorry, it’s a little late now! We really enjoy this place, I have a feeling we will be stopping many times in the future. Even if the RV park is full, if the weather is mild, it’s a great place to dry camp and go grab some dinner too!


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