GoPro Hero 6 vs Hero 4 Black | A Traveling RV Vloggers Review

This past week we bought the new GoPro Hero 6 camera to upgrade from our old GoPro Hero 4 Black. Click the previous links to view either one. This upgrade is a big deal for us since we film our lives, travels, and adventures to show the world, and hopefully earn a living from it. So why does the new GoPro matter for RVers? I’m glad you asked, here’s why. This camera is STUNNING! For the average person who either doesn’t know how to edit video, or isn’t going to, the 6 video doesn’t need to be edited. With the 4 Black we would spend an hour editing color, lighting and audio for a 10 minute video. With the 6 I don’t have to touch ANYTHING! That means the average person that just wants to film something can, and they don’t have to mess with it to make it usable.

There’s another BIG reason I’m going to recommend the Hero 6 for RVers, size and weight. Before this camera we had to use our large DSLR to obtain this level of quality (the new GoPro is better than our old DSLR). When living in an RV every inch and every ounce matters. So it just makes sense to have the smallest highest quality camera possible. Of course we’ll keep our DSLR, photography is also a big part of our blogging and vlogging job.

The 6 has an image stabilization feature that takes the shakes out of your videos, the 4 Black did not. This means that you can now just grab your camera and walk around filming. Our previous 4 Black, like cell phones, will make your viewers sea sick if you just walk around filming. We’ll probably still use a gimbal for further stabilization, but then again, filming is our job. We’re just not sure which gimbal we’re going to buy yet.

If you’re on the fence about buying the GoPro 6, I’d recommend not waiting any longer. We haven’t even figured out all the features on the new camera, but I can tell you that we love it. The new on screen controls are easy and intuitive. And lining up shots correctly is no longer an issue with being able to see what I’m filming now. In the video above I do a side-by-side comparison of the two cameras. You’ll see the obvious differences between color, lighting, direct sun and you’ll hear the monumental differences in wind noise. No longer will we have to delete videos due to wind noise.

So whether you just want to film your RV on the beach in Florida, catch a sunrise on the Cascade trail or vlog your daily life, I think you’ll love this camera.


3 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 6 vs Hero 4 Black | A Traveling RV Vloggers Review

  1. Mark from Missouri says:

    Nice blog post and video.

    It’s off topic but I thought I saw an all-in-one computer sitting on your dinette in the video. I am taking a part-time office job on the road with me. I currently use an all-in-one and it works. But I was thinking about going to a 15″ laptop and a stand-alone monitor to be used as a split screen. I have to have internet connection a couple hours during 2 or 3 days a week. I was thinking if I had to take the computer down the road a few miles for a connection, the laptop would work. Also the software I’m using (QuickBooks) can only be on one computer.

    Any comments on this would be welcomed.

    Mark from Missouri

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