Garvan Woodland Gardens Near Hot Springs, AR

If you ever have the chance to visit Hot Springs, Arkansas  you have to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens. It is currently $15.00/person (October 2017), and $5.00 per child or pet. Check the website for pet rules, there are several. The first section on the walking path is the Weyerhaeuser Bonsai Garden and Learning Center. It features miniature trees and a learning center that teaches horticulture and how to grow them.

Approximately 30 bonsai are displayed against vertical sandstone slab backdrops and square boulders of Ouachita quartzite along the gardens’ tranquil cul-de-sac, complete with a minuscule stone footpath bridge.  The small, diverse collection is comprised of dwarf pines, elms, azaleas, junipers, and other plant subjects trained in the Japanese tradition of bonsai and the Chinese tradition of penjing. Curator Paula Campbell, who has attended various bonsai trainings in Seattle, nurtures the miniature trees for the enjoyment of the public. – Garvan Woodland Gardens

Anthony Chapel was still our favorite, they host no frills weddings in one of the most beautiful settings we have seen. The chapel is made of glass and local wood, and surrounded by gardens. It is one of the best ranked locations to have a wedding in the United States and we could see why.


Further down the path you come across the Bridge of the Full Moon. The beautiful stone bridge arches over waterfalls and features beautiful surroundings, it is a quiet and peaceful area to relax in.

Considered the focal point of the Garden of the Pine Wind, the spectacular 11 foot high structure echoes the ancient stone bridges of western China, where native stone was laid by hand in rustic patterns. The self-supporting, sphere-shaped arch or ‘full moon’ opening – an iconographic Asian image – reflects a time-honored building tradition rarely seen in the modern world. – Bridge of the Full Moon

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Throughout the entire walk we were the most excited to see the Anthony Chapel. Couples host “no frills” wedding ceremonies, surrounded by the beautiful woods and the pristine chapel made of glass and wood. The chapel setting doesn’t need decorations as it provides it’s own spectacular views.

We really enjoyed our visit there. With all the driving, filming, video editing, and social media work we do a quite serene forest was a perfect way to relax. It’s not often that we can relax while working.. This is another place we will visit again. Hopefully next time will be during their Christmas lights display.

For more Information visit:

Garvan Woodland Gardens

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