Will Our Fridge Finally Work?

This week we finally received our reimbursement check from Forest River. The day we got it we went straight to Costco and bought four 6v deep cycle golf cart batteries. They’re incredibly cheap, only about $85 before the $15 core fee. A quick note on the Costco batteries. Each one has a small plastic bag which contains two nuts for installation. If you’re going to transport the batteries in a truck bed, remove those nuts before hand. I didn’t, and three of the four flew off on the way home. Luckily, there’s a hardware store within 15 minutes and I was able to buy some more.

Thankfully, our battery bay has a diagram illustrating how to wire the four batteries together. I was able to install and wire them together in about 10 minutes. Once installed,  I turned the battery disconnect back on so they could charge. I made sure to turn it off ahead of time. I didn’t want the converter sending power through the lines while I was trying to install them.

With the batteries finally installed I went inside to troubleshoot the fridge. We have a residential only fridge that’s powered off of a 1000w inverter. The inverter only powers the outlet behind the fridge. For the last month we’ve had our fridge plugged into another outlet with an extension cord. The outlet behind the fridge wasn’t supplying enough power. There was enough for the light and fan to work, but not the compressor. I had highly suspected our old batteries were the cause. They didn’t hold a charge well, and the system is wired so that if the batteries are dead the 12v system won’t work. 

After I pulled out the fridge I plugged it into the inverter outlet, opened the doors, as let it warm up. Once it warmed up a bit I shut the doors, and waited. We have temperature sensors and monitors in the fridge and freezer. I sat very impatiently watching the monitor, waiting for the temperatures to drop. After a few minutes, they did. You can imagine my jubilation at seeing everything FINALLY working. 

I pushed the fridge back in, resecured it, and let out a huge sigh of relief. We can boondock without worrying about our food going bad. And without running the generator every night. Now we’re all set for a year of traveling while we make the RV Nomads movie. We can’t wait to start the next leg of our journey.

UPDATE 10/27/2017

The new batteries actually didn’t fix the problem. I found out this week that the wiring diagram Cedar Creek used in the battery bay was wrong. Here’s a link to the new article.  https://hebardstravels.com/2017/10/27/our-batteries-were-wired-wrong/


9 thoughts on “Will Our Fridge Finally Work?

  1. Ardie r. Stockmoe says:

    You may want to get serious about solar power. I bought a 150 goal zero silent generator with 2 usb, ac, & 12 volt. 300 watt inverte with a 30 watt solar panel. I love this stuff.


    • Hebard's Travels says:

      We love Goal Zero, we just can’t afford it at this time. We’ve been looking at getting a solar system. Maybe once the movie takes off we can do it. But with our fridge we’d need at least 400w of panels.


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