The Truth About 5 Common RV Kitchen Gadgets

In all reality we use cooking devices that make life easier no matter the lifestyle. It would likely be difficult to find someone who doesn’t to use any extra appliance for their kitchen in an RV (Just like a house). They all come with learning curves and small changes that we made to help make cooking in an RV a little easier. Here are some of our favorite things to cook with the different kitchen devices.

Uses the Toaster Oven and NuWave Induction Plate

Uses the NuWave Induction top, Toaster Oven, and Griddler

Uses the Instant Pot or Nuwave Induction Cooktop

Here are the links to the appliances, they are affiliate links. That means when you purchase these items, nothing is added to your total, but we receive a small commission for showing these products.

NuWave 2 Induction Cooktop:

  • Things that we like: Easy to clean, store, and use.
  • Things that we wish were a little different: Sometimes it takes a long time to boil a small pot of water. It is not consistently an issue but when you are really hungry it seems to be the time that it stops working. Something we have found that makes this easier is to pour water that is already very hot into the pot when we’re trying to heat things quickly. This could be a common obstacle with any induction plate, this is just our opinion on something to improve.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker:

  • Things that we like: It is a more convenient size than an oval crock pot, has many features and settings. Can boil water VERY quickly
  • Things we wish were a little different: Settings that were easier to control. The crockpot function seems to be used the most in our household with this device. To set the settings properly, you have to manually set it by following some odd steps, and hope that you did it in the correct order. Sometimes it boils VERY quickly and you have to really keep an eye on it, maybe this will be more predictable with more usage.

Toaster Oven:

  • Things that we like: Cooks food predictably, and relatively quickly. Works well as an electric oven
  • Things that we wish were different: The dials can be challenging to set a proper temperature and sometimes you have to “eye ball it” for lack of a better term, timers are the same way, so we frequently set the timer on our microwave.

French Press:

  • Things that we like: This is a great way to quickly make coffee, you can adjust the strength and make the coffee stronger to your liking. This was not as adjustable with a keurig or coffee pot.
  • Things that we wish were different: We wish we could boil the water on the stove and then steep the coffee, eliminating the step for heating water with a different device.


  • Things that we like: easy to use as a hot plate, very versatile, easy to clean, heats and cooks quickly
  • The plates are difficult to obtain the same temperature, there is some user knowledge and practice to use it. Laying the device flat to store can sometimes be challenging.

If you like these and want to know more comment below! Hope you enjoyed our reviews of the common RV Gadgets and how they work and sometimes don’t! Happy Travels!


20 thoughts on “The Truth About 5 Common RV Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Wanda Davis says:

    If you have a pan or pot that has food that has stuck or scorched itself well, put hot water in it enough to cover the scorch or stock food, then lay a dryer sheet in the pan and let it sit while you the other kitchen cleanup. When you come back to it, the stuck stuff will completely turned loose so that you finish cleaning the pan. It is scary easy and amazing!


  2. Kimmie says:

    We’re part timers. We had electric stove top and had it replaced with induction top. It works great. I have an induction microwave oven which I’m still learning how to cook with. Love my instant pot, but haven’t taken it on the road with us. I did add a small crock pot to our rv.

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  3. Mark from Missouri says:

    Have you ever tried cleaning stuck or burnt food pans with simple ashes from a fire pit? We clean the glass on our fireplace using ashes. Old Boy Scout trick. Not sure, but it must be the lye in the ashes that does it.

    I could see having an electric hot plate to also cook outside with for sure. I understand you have to use special pans with induction cooking which seems like a hassle or can those same pans be used on a gas stove top?

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      I think most induction can be used on a gas stove top. We still have our couple favorites from the Calphalon set we bought for the house. They work on induction and gass but they are stainless steal. We will have to try the ash! What a cool trick, thank you!


  4. S says:

    I use electric pressure cooker all the time. It is not a slow cooker. Even cheesecake is amazing in the pressure cooker. You need to give it another chance. Maybe join some Facebook groups for correct way to use it.

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      You should see our video 🙂 We are not saying these are not useable, we use them all the time and will continue to. We were commenting that it is not as hyped as some say and it takes a lot of learning to know how to make certain items with them. We look forward to learning more 🙂 Hopefully they will seem more consistent overtime.


  5. randombitsoftrialanderror says:

    I have a life changer tip for you and your “sticky and icky” induction pans! Get the Cascade dishwasher pods (a small bag is usually what I buy so they don’t take up a lot of space)–take your nasty pan after cooking and soak in hot water with one of those pods for an hour or two. Stuff just wipes out! Even the worst burnt on stuff. Honest. I love them. I use them all the time (well, because I burn stuff quite often in my induction pans). I do love the InstaPot (I’m the soup-making queen)–but I’m honestly scared of it most of the time. 🙂 Great vlog/blog! Take care and safe travels. Can’t wait to meet y’all. Dawn

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      What a fantastic idea!!! We’re definitely going to pick this up next time at the store. We usually soak them in dawn but it doesn’t always do the trick, in fact most of the time you have to do it 3 or 4 more times haha! Thank you! We can’t wait to meet you guys either! Happy Travels!!

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  6. Pat says:

    Just watched your kitchen gadget video and wanted to let you know that there are plenty of nonstick induction pans. Nuwave has them, green pan is another and my favorite is the copper chief pans.


      • aelkins1 says:

        Check out the Magma cookware – they work well on our induction cooktop; they are enameled nonstick; and they have removable handles so they nest very neatly and take up far less room.


    • Esther says:

      I use a George Foreman grill for all my meat cooking. frozen and fresh.. and also my veggies Frozen and fresh.. the speed of cooking is phenomenal. and some cleanups only take a a wet paper towel..


  7. Jonigh says:

    You really need to learn how to use the Instant Pot. Join the FB page and you can learn a lot. Also I have a 12” teflon skillet from kitchen aid that works great on the Nuwave. There are induction ready non stick cookware out there. Magma cookware works well and it nests to save space.

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      We’ve been on the FB page for a long time. Our issues with the instant pot are not for a lack of trying. We haven’t wanted to purchase new pans because ours work just fine. John doesn’t like to season the pan before using it and wash it immediately afterwards so sometimes its harder to clean. Teflon honestly worries us quite a bit. We had a few of them in college that began flaking off into food. Maybe they have changed that, I hope they have! Thanks for the ideas!


  8. Ted Denman says:

    Great, honest gadget review. I like the positive, first half, and the real use review, in the last half. I think you assessment of these are fair. We are just beginning our RV Travels, and are considering these exact kitchen tools. Our RV does not have an oven, only a micro/convection combo. Our first purchase may be the toaster oven. We use a toaster every day. Ted

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Eventually we would like to trade our microwave for a microwave convection but I honestly don’t know if we will use it enough to recook the $500 they cost. The technology is neat. I like the little toaster oven the best out of all of them, haha.


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