RV Christmas Decorating

I’d be willing to bet many fulltimers like us, also enjoy decorating for the holiday. There are many ways to accomplish this whether you want to go overboard and win the Christmas decorations of the year, or just want to add simple class to your holiday spirit. Many of the items can be found in homes but here are the light weight, rv versions!

  1. LED Strip Lightingtransportation-auto-wp-rgb-strip These come with an adhesive back to be mounted to the RV. Usually they are installed in an area under the rv. They can be wired in, but if you are wanting them to be more temporary for the holiday we suggest plugging them in an external outlet. These have a remote to change the colors, you can use multiples to have different colors or put on a light show.
  2. String Lightsrvl These are the classic lights we grew up with. They come in multi color, white, sometimes the really expensive ones come with a remote and have different colors you can set them to. We prefer to use the LED lights, just because they are more vibrant. We used Command hooks to put these on the RV so that they don’t damage the external walls. It makes hanging them up quick and easy, and they remove quickly as well.
  3. Window Clings: 61HsHWs1hhLThese are a fun way to dress up the windows without adding anything permanently, and there are no residues left behind on windows. You can add snow flakes, wreaths, santa clause, reindeer, and get creative with it. This is a great job for kids so they can decorate too and not leave too much of a mess behind. If you are adverse to lights or just want to add more than lights, this would be a great recommendation for you!
  4. Star Shower: 81+R6HcBFVL._SL1500_If you are more into the modern Christmas Lights but don’t want to hang them up on your RV, the laser light shows might be a good decoration for you. This comes with a ground steak, it requires electricity. You put the steak in the ground, aim it at your RV and your work is done! This has become a very fun and easy alternative to hanging lights on RVs in recent years. There are several different versions but they tend to work best at night.
  5. Decorate a Tree:  91fN5JRz3hL._SL1500_Use string lights or ornaments to  ecorate a near to your site, tree! You don’t even have to cut one down. For many this is much easier space wise than putting up a full christmas tree. Check with the RV Park to make sure they don’t mind, most will not. This was a fun way for us to decorate last year, we used a palm tree. Try to keep them on your site because sometimes neighbors may not like it on theirs.
  6. Put up a Christmas Tree
    They come in all shapes and sizes, there are
    even miniature ones that fit on table tops in the RV. This little guy is 2 feet tall, and provides a nice smaller version of Christmas Tress, also they are around the $20.00 Price range. You don’t have to add lights because it comes pre-decorated. We have always loved having a real tree but in an RV that is not always feasible. There are scents that you can buy and essential oils that you can place on a cotton ball to give this mini tree more of a Christmas time feel!
  7. Hang a Christmas Tree In Your Window713DS+NJkNL._SL1500_We have seen this in the back of windows of 5th wheels and Travel Trailers, as well as the the windshield of Class A’s. They make a fun small tree that you can also pull the blinds over so that you can only see it from the outside. For around the $20 mark, this is another great way to dress up the RV without needing to do too much. Whenever we walk the dogs at night we had fun seeing this as a way to decorate the RV for Christmas time!
  8. Palm Tree Christmas!: If you like to spend Christmas in Florida, these are a fun way to bring C51e+thmoJfLhristmas to the palm trees, if you don’t have one to decorate. While these are generally around $100, they were a lot of fun to see while in Florida. We saw one RV with three sets and it was like a mini jungle of palm trees. In the spirit of the holidays it was a lot of fun to walk down the street and see how creative people were getting with their lights. These also work for pool settings as well so you can use them more year around if you want.
  9. Inflatables: 61Ib20GXMGL._SL1000_These usually come with, or require a small fan to run them, but they are fun to put out in front of your rv or even under the 5th wheel king pin.Sometimes they can be noisy so you will want to make sure you are not letting them run all night if they are. Our dogs thought they were particularly fun last year while we were in Florida. Fair warning, these can be a lot of fun, and it is really easy to go overboard with them. Fortunately they pack up very small at the end of the Christmas season.
  10. Santa on an RV Ladder: 410JjFpac8LWe may not all have chimneys on an RV but this inflatable Santa can hang on the ladder of your RV, or off the roof of your RV. With some creativity in hanging it up, it would be a funny way to add some humor to Christmas on your RV. We have seen this in many houses but it can be done in this lifestyle too. Since it is an inflatable decoration, it can be packed up pretty easily.


Last year we used ID Badge Clips to hang the string lights on the RV. decorating clipsWhile it was cheap, and very clever, ultimately the pinterest suggested badge ID holders rusted and we had to clean the stains off of the RV. This year we are going to try the Command Decorating Clips and see if they hold up. This will require cleaning the rv a little, but if it works like we think it will, we may be able to leave the clear, small clips up for much longer.

Hanging wreaths 513ti-bbnzLon the door or elsewhere in the RV has popped up on manyFfacebook feeds lately. You can also use the command hooks for wreaths so that when you want to remove the hook at the end of the season, you don’t damage the walls of your RV. Here is one that would work well for this scenario. We aren’t big on the idea of putting nails or screws into the walls of the RV that weren’t there originally (if at all possible). We have seen one too many accidents where the screw or nail was a little too long and punctured through the other side, or created a water entry point. Our advice, if you can get away with it, is to use things like this that won’t damage the walls or leave something more permanent.

The links in this article are to the products that we recommend for RVers to decorate their RV for the Holidays! They are Amazon Affiliate links, which means when you shop a small portion of your purchase goes to us. Don’t worry, this does not add anything to your total, it is simply a commission for putting together the ideas and writing the article. Thank you for helping to support our travels! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


6 thoughts on “RV Christmas Decorating

  1. Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for these tips for decorating an RV. I personally like the idea of using string lights, especially if you can hang them up quickly. It also seems like a fun way to hang out lights in unique ways that can highlight the kind of RV you have.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa says:

    It’s so funny you shared this post today. I am thinking about going full time and thought perhaps not being able to decorate could be a deal breaker for me. I see that is not the case!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hebard's Travels says:

      hahaha, Yes, John and I are big on Christmas Decorations, it may be cheesy but it is such a fun thing. We walk our dogs frequently and at night it is so much fun to see all of the creativity. Most of the things like lights can be used for other holidays and parties too, so it becomes used throughout the year 🙂 Glad you liked the ideas!

      Liked by 1 person

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