Getting Back To Traveling!

We got on the road back to Kansas City so we could finish moving/reorganizing our belongings. We hung out with Laura’s family several times and enjoyed being somewhere familiar. The truck went into the shop, for the entire week. It was supposed to get some minor work done and an oil change. It turned out that it needed quite a bit more and it was all covered under warranty, so we took the opportunity to just get it done.

While in KC we stocked up on some of our local favorites. Joe’s KC has been our favorite BBQ joint for a long time. Since they sell meat in packages, we decided to stock up a little. Something we have learned while traveling is that certain foods are regional or local and you cannot find anything like it outside of that bubble. Joe’s KC is definitely one of those. We also stocked up on Zarda Baked Beans for campfire nights, and some of our food that we had previously had to throw out.

The Batteries were so far depleted that we decided to plug the refrigerator into another outlet until we received the check from Forest River for our travel expenses to go get the rig. We are replacing the 2 12v batteries with 4 6c batteries (which originally came with the rig).

We got to see some of our very first neighbors in the RV world, and even the couple that helped us with our rig the very first night. It was great to be back home for a little while and take in all the familiar places and people!


2 thoughts on “Getting Back To Traveling!

  1. Mark from Missouri says:

    Welcome home guys. We were just at Joe’s on Tuesday with a fulltime RV couple from California. Seems like that is the BBQ the out-of-towners want to go to. Also the Boulevard Brewery is popular. We have taken two fulltimers there and both said it’s impressive compared to others they have seen around the country. If they like western stuff I send them to Kearney for Jesse James or St. Joseph for the Pony Express. Just heard Bass Pro opened their museum in Springfield and is reported to be huge.

    Glad you were able to make it home before winter arrives. What a long road it has been and I can imagine being able to visit family in your rig was high on the list when waiting for the repairs.


    • Hebard's Travels says:

      I’m really glad you guys enjoyed it! It is so worth it! We never got to tour the Boulevard Brewery while we lived here but we are hoping to this week. I have many friends who really enjoyed it! It has been a very long journey to this point but we still wouldn’t change it. We learned so much that in the end it was worth the process. We are happy to make it out of Washington before Winter for sure! were looking at leaving Kansas here in a couple of weeks, fall feels like it is in full swing!

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