Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Into The Woods-5

This picture says a lot but you are going to have to watch this short video too. John and I have finally started to loosen up from the stress of the past year. He even let me record some of his funnier moments. We found out we had killed our gimbal yet again, we really need to figure out a better method of working with that gadget. This one was actually all shot by cell phone, and it did not disappoint.

So what did we learn at the museum? In a nut shell, Route 66 was started BEFORE cars. Yeah, wagon style. So it evolved from Wagons to bicylces and finally into paved roads for vehicles. The towns that were built along this route thrived very well until basically the dust bowl. Some of the towns still persisted with touristy detours from life. Disney Land was actually built as an attraction at the end of Route 66 in California. So over it’s lifespan businesses and towns thrived where things were, in that time, VERY difficult. People wanting to escape could now take vacations and get away with their families. There were hotels, casinos, strange whale statues and now there are many museums. Unfortunately when the other interstates began to be built, and grew larger, and went to larger cities, the towns along route 66 began to suffer. Now there are still towns, some of them ghost towns, some of them have remained the same. Either way this is a very interesting look at an important part of American History.


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