Picking Up The RV At The Factory

A lot has happened since we last blogged. Our YouTube channel is quite a bit more up to date, but for anyone not following us on youtube here is what has been happening.

Our final option was to drive to Topeka, Indiana, with our stuff, our pets, and my wife. The whole family road tripped 2,300 miles across Washington, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and finally Indiana. Several things happened on the way out there. The trip was definitely not as smooth as we would have liked but it went pretty well overall. The first day we had a tire blow out, and the last night on the road, our bikes hit a hotel awning. Thankfully we’re fully insured and we gave them our information. They actually told us it happens all of the time. It didn’t really make us feel better about the situation but I’m sure it was their attempt at mitigating the situation.

When we got to the Cedar Creek Factory (where they were repairing the rig), it was almost ready. There were still a few things to work out. The inspector we hired, Robert Wilhelm, had already been with the rig for hours going over everything we had sent him and taking notes and pictures. Robert Wilhelm is a NRVIA Certified Level 2 Inspector, and his inspection did not disappoint. He found several things that the factory was able to fix quickly and it gave us the peace of mind to move forward with taking possession of the rig again.

Everything was fixed that was on our list, or at least addressed to see if it was a concern or not. There were a couple things on the list that turned out to not really be an issue at all. Some of the issues were a lot bigger than they originally thought.

We took the RV back to a campground in Indiana so that we could move our belongings back onto the rig. It turned out to be really stormy and we could only reserve a few days at that campground. So we packed everything in as quickly as possible and we headed to Kansas. While we were loading everything, we found that the cooler we used with Dry Ice to transport our refrigerated items, did not work at all. The meat had thawed. It was not in separate bags or anything, so it basically contaminated everything. Anything that was completely sealed in a glass container got bleached and the rest was thrown out. It did not feel good to waste the food but at that point it was what we could do. We will be updating more soon but this was the experience we had while at the factory!



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