Forest River Updated us this past week, that the RV is 98% completed in the repairs. We still do not have an updated list on what they have done, but we hope that it is the entire list. Since the Frog Rally is this week in Goshen, Indiana, we are not expecting more updates until it is over. We will then make travel plans depending on what we need to do for our family and getting the rig back. It has been a very long process and we hope to never go through this again. We were very thankful the factory is handling all of this, if it were up to a dealership it could take months if not over a year, between waiting on parts and miscommunications.

We have been working on several projects this week. We have completed the upgrades to the website which I hope you will all enjoy. We have a store up and running through TeeSpring not only for our branded T-Shirts and swag, but the movie RV Nomads also has a gear shop up and running through TeeSpring. On the menu, you will now see an added link for this! For our shop, the proceeds will go to benefiting the channel. For the Movie’s shop, the proceeds will go to the movie. You can also preorder the movie now!

We have partnered with Amazon as Associates which is a big upgrade for us. When we talk about different items we use, we can now share a link. If you click on the link it will direct you to the Amazon product. There are no extra fees, however a small portion will go back to the channel. This is an easy way to do your shopping and help support our channel.

We purchased a new to us video editing monster of a computer through a close friend, and were hoping to start using it soon. It should help decrease editing time and improve quality of our videos! We are pretty excited to not have to use a student’s laptop for video editing anymore!

Many more updates coming soon! Thank you for your continued support!


Since we write this, as if today we have not received any updates since. (August 20th, 2017). It has been over a month since our last genuine update and the rally ended a week ago. We were really encouraged by them telling us that the rig was almost finished. They had their rally, and we expected to hear from them afterwards. All week the phones have been going straight to a full mailbox, with no returns of calls or emails. We are once again beyond frustrated with this company. Just when we think they have turned it around and we are finally getting somewhere, the pendulum swings the other way. Here’s to hoping we hear if our rig is finished soon. 


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