RV Nomads The Movie

You read that right, we’re actually going to be in a movie! It will be the first full length feature-film about full-time RVers. The movie is titled RV Nomads. It will be produced by Nomadic Life Films. We’re set to start filming late spring 2018 with the release scheduled for the fall of 2018. This will be a documentary style movie. Here’s a link to the official website Open Roads – RV Nomads Movie

We are one of eleven YouTube/bloggers that were chosen for the cast. All together the cast has around 100,000 subscribers. We’re super excited about working with all of them! Especially since we’ve been watching their channels and reading their blogs since we started.

There will be regular updates on the website, our videos, and on here. However, the Facebook group will probably be the best. You’ll also see posts from the cast and crew on there. Facebook Group – Open Roads RV Nomads

We hope that you share our excitement for THE FIRST FULL LENGTH MOVIE ABOUT RVERS!! We’re actually surprised it hasn’t been done yet. Lucky for us it’s happening now. Stick around to find out how you can help make this movie happen.

Update!! 7/31/2017

The movie swag store is now up and running!! If you’d like to support us and the movie please check out it out. Hebard’s Travels Gear and Swag Shop

Presales have started for the DVDs, and you can also find all kinds of swag for the upcoming movie  RV Nomads Gear







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