Torrey, UT and Capitol Reef

After leaving Page, AZ we made the long six hour drive up to Torrey, UT. We stayed in Torrey for a week and actually spent more time relaxing than exploring. I think we may have burned ourselves out a bit in Page. We did still rent a Jeep to do some exploring, and I took a short hike.

The Jeep was certainly interesting. Before we thought about doing any hikes or exploring we drove out to the Capitol Reef visitors center to glean some information. We also drove some of the park to get an idea of where we’d want to go later. Our scouting mission took a bit longer than anticipated. On our way out of the park we stopped at the visitors center again to use the restroom. While we were there I saw two couples standing in front of their older class B camper van. Turns out they’d thrown their fan belt and were stuck. Luckily I had the necessary tools to get their belt back on and save them from calling for a tow in the middle of nowhere.



The next day we decided to rent a jeep and go exploring the North side of Capitol Reef, which is only accessible by dirt roads. Ahnj can handle dirt roads just fine. However, a jeep is much more narrow, and not responsible for towing our house. Sadly the rental jeep wasn’t in good condition. The steering, suspension, and AC were all in need of repair or service. It turns out that our one ton dually rides better on dirt roads than the rented jeep did. But we’d paid for it and were stuck with it for the day, so we tried to make the best of it. We drove about two hours out on the dirt road north of the park. We saw a lot of cool stuff, and only one other person. Which after the super touristy sites in Arizona that was a welcome break.



Sadly, the Jeep’s suspension was so terrible it really hurt Laura’s back. When we went to go do some hiking she was hurting to badly to even try. Luckily we’d parked next to the shortest trail so I grabbed the cameras and ran down and back for a quick video. We decided to save the hikes for our next stop at Arches National Park. We’ll come back to Torry some day and see the rest of it.









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