Page AZ Hiking-Kayaking-Exploring

During our week in Page we did a LOT of cool stuff. As the title says, we hiked, kayaked, and explored a huge area of Arizona. Lucky for us our RV park was on the shores of Lake Powell, if you haven’t been there yet the views are absolutely stunning. Soooo, we decided to try out our inflatable kayak for the first time there. If the views are spectacular, why not get up close?

Using the inflatable kayak for the first time was quite the experience. I hooked up the electric inflation device, wrong and had to use the hand pump also. Oh, did I mention that it’s a tandem kayak? Que the hilarity. We were hitting each others paddles every other stoke. I was sitting in back and Laura was in the front, and I was drenching her with my paddle, oops. If it was said once it was said 50 times, “Paddle left, we’re going the wrong way!” It was a lot of fun, but we still need some practice.



We also hiked out to horseshoe bend. After all it was only a 20 minute drive, we’d be crazy to skip such an awe inspiring place. A word of caution when going there, it’s a HUGE international travel destination. The parking lot was packed with rental RV’s and tour buses. We were lucky to have AHNJ, he didn’t mind parking on the dirt and rocks off the side of the road. If you didn’t see our previous post he had some problems while we were in Page. Luckily I was able to figure it out and we were could keep traveling.



It just so happens that the Grand Canyon is only 2.5 hours from Page. Soooo, of course we drove down there to see it. Seriously, how could we skip the Grand Canyon? I’d have to beat myself up for an idiot move like that. So to skip the broken ribs, we planned a whole day for the trip. We usually leave the dogs in the fifth wheel while we go see stuff, but not this time. That’s because they’re can only last about eight hours between walks, and we didn’t want to only spend three hours at the Grand Canyon. So we got up at the crackish of dawn, or there abouts, threw the pups, water, and food in the truck and hit the road.

I’ll remember this trip for the rest of my life. Not only did we get to take a selfie on the edge of the Grand Canyon (kids these days), but we got to watch a storm roll though the canyon as we were leaving. Then it snowed on us, in the LAST WEEK OF APRIL. Well we didn’t see that coming. It actually snowed enough that it was accumulating on the sides of the road. So remember to take a jacket along if you go there. The elevation was around 8000 ft, and the weather can be a bit testy.



Finally, we went to the lower Antelope slot canyon the day before we left. This destination is also a HUGE international tourist attraction. We were some of the only people on our tour that spoke English. Now we don’t mind foreign tourists at all. The problem we ran into was that there were so many the tour company packed in groups shoulder to shoulder. If you’re claustrophobic AT ALL skip this one. After we waited for an hour to get into the canyon it was another hour to get through it. If you have a panic attack and need to leave, you won’t be able to quickly.

If you do decide to brave the hordes of tourists, and pay the steep ticket prices, you’ll get some amazing pictures. I would recommend not changing lenses while in the canyon, it’s pretty dusty. Put whatever lens you want on there before hand and bring your phone. The tour guides will tell you the best camera settings while you’re waiting in line, that was helpful.



We had a SUPER busy and amazing week. However, we have more awesome places to go. We were sad to finally leave Page, but it was time to get back on the road. With Torrey, UT and Capitol Reef up next we were excited to see the next National Park.


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