Our Truck Went into “Limp Mode”

When I say our truck went into “limp mode” what I mean is the dash displayed an “engine power reduced” message. The truck is a 14 Silverado 3500 diesel dually. Before that message popped up the dash told me that the truck needed to run a regeneration (regen) cycle and clean out the diesel particulate filter (DPF), or something like that.



I found out several interesting facts about the LML Duramax engine during this experience.

  1. The truck will enter limp mode after about three minutes of driving.
  2. While in limp mode you can only get up to 32 MPH, going downhill.
  3. It can only run the regen cycle over 35 MPH.
  4. If you turn the truck off and restart it you’ll get another three minutes to get over 35 MPH.
  5. Once you’re able to get over 35 MPH you have to drive about 30 miles for the regen cycle to complete.
  6. The truck will run, and sound, much better afterwards.

Yes it can be a little scary when your work horse truck suddenly doesn’t work. Luckily with a google search, a code scanner, and some trial and error I was able to figure it out. We were just lucky that it wasn’t a travel day.



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