Laura’s Bike is Finally Fixed!

When the front fork on Laura’s new Cannondale bent we thought for sure that it would have to be replaced. It’s less than a year old, so we figured it would be covered under warranty. The only problem with that is finding a Cannondale dealer on our route up to Washington. Since we’re hopping around national parks the whole way there, our route keeps us pretty far away from large cities. We were just coming to terms with Laura not having a usable bike for the next two months, then I got my hair cut in Page, AZ.

As with any hairstylist or barber, they’ll talk your ear off while they work on you. Luckily for us, the woman who cut the little hair I have left was no different. I told her about RVing, traveling, ect, ect. However, when I told her what had happened to Laura’s bike she told me about a small bike shop just a mile away. It was so small in fact that I drove past it the first time.

We didn’t even have our bikes with us, but we thought it wouldn’t hurt to pick someone’s brain for a minute. Laura had been kicking around the idea of converting her crossover bike to more of a mountain bike, and with the fork bent we thought this would be a good time to do so. A conversion would entail a new front fork with suspension and larger tires with better tread. Since we thought that the fork needed to be replaced anyway I asked Steve (the owner of Rim Trail Bike & Hike) if it was doable. He asked me to bring the bikes in and that he’d do some research that night on parts. When I dropped the bikes off later that day he shocked me by saying that he might be able to fix Laura’s fork.

We came back the next morning to see what he’d found about the cost of converting her bike over. Steve shocked us again by showing us Laura’s bike with a FIXED FORK!!! He’d bent it back into shape perfectly. Not only had he accomplished the impossible, but he only charged us $15 to do it.



He also tuned up both of our bikes, and they REALLY needed it. After a few months of rusting to death on Pensacola Beach, and a few thousand miles sitting on top of a truck, they were in pretty rough shape. The chains were so rusted we thought we’d need new ones. My brake cables are exposed and they’d rusted badly as well, and I thought that they’d also need to be replaced. Well Steve gave us more good news, NOTHING had to be replaced. He cleaned the rust off of EVERYTHING, the chains, brake cables, my suspension tubes, and the gears. He also cleaned the bikes and got all the dirt, road grime, and bugs off.

We’ve both had “tune ups” at the big national chain bike shops. For about the same cost they checked our brakes and gears, and that was it. Steve went so above and beyond our expectations that I came straight home and wrote this article. It’s not every day you find someone who ACTAULLY takes care of their customers. So if you’re ever in Page, AZ, and need some bike work, go to Rim Trail Bike & Hike. The address is 816 N Navajo Dr, Page, AZ 86040, phone number is 928-660-1375. Tell him Hebardstravels sent you. And be ready for a good long conversation, Steve loves talking about bikes.


4 thoughts on “Laura’s Bike is Finally Fixed!

  1. Mark from Missouri says:

    Love my Cannondale. Nice bike for the weight. We road Trek brand on the department when I was in that squad. How the heck did you bend the front fork? Must have missed that post.

    Got my IPMBA certification years ago. Too old to ride like that now… My own bike has more aggressive tread. Not sure I like the off road tread much when on paved surfaces. You have to work a lot harder at peddling but that might be a good thing.

    Never wanted a front shock because I feel I have more control without it. I do like that tread on John’s bike.


    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Hey Mark!! How’s your week going!?

      The bike fell off the roof rack while we were going 60. It is a Thule rack. It was the first time Laura had ever put the bike up there. The front tire comes off and locks into a bar that locks into the rack. The quick release connection at the fork was too open. The opening released while we were driving, and bent the fork. The bike rack and everything else looked perfectly fine. Thankfully we use a bike lock just for extra security and it kept the bike on the roof but flopped over. The bike shop was able to bend them very carefully back into place and he cleaned them up to look new again almost.

      I really miss my mountain bike. It was old and super heavy but it was a tank. I was much better at biking back when I bought it too haha. I used to put in about 120 miles a week. Trying to get back there! Hope you are having a great week!!

      – Laura


      • Mark from Missouri says:

        I’m having a good week Laura, thanks for asking. Karen is taking off to visit her family in Michigan so will be missing her. I’ve got a few court cases to keep me busying. Worked a bunch of homicides that are now coming to trial/hearings.

        Thinking about taking a run out to Olathe Ford/RV to look over a 2018 Bighorn they just got in stock, other than that no big plans. It’s been raining a lot here in KC with lots of flooding down south in MO.

        Good to hear they got the bike fixed up. A good bike rack is something to be concerned about. Will have to shop for one of those someday. At the PD another office and I used to ride a lot of nature trails where bikes were allowed. Was good practice.

        I was just thinking today how quickly the day is coming when we will join you guys on the road. Time is moving very quickly. Figure getting a truck next year and maybe our fifth wheel. For sure by early 2019 as I’ve got a bunch of vacation to burn up.

        Take care,


      • Hebard's Travels says:

        Time is moving so fast! That’s awesome you will have a bunch of vacation time! John applied to a bunch of the pds in the area but it was right after Ferguson… So yeah.. he got his bachelor’s, haha. He hasn’t used it yet but we both always loved to help people.

        Bike Racks- we we’re split between Thule and Yakima. We had to get a custom rack for the dually, and wehave the Jaws/Thule for Johns bike (now mine since the fork is weaker), and the fork mount for my bike (now John’s since his was stronger). My opinion go with the jaws style for both. The fork mount is kind of a pain with a tall truck and the jaws are way easier. Also they hold the bike at a more sturdy point. I’m no expert but nothing bad has ever happened with the Jaws.

        I can upload photos as soon as we get more internet, haha!


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