We’re Finally Getting the RV Fixed!!

As the title says, we’re finally getting our RV fixed, and I do mean finally. This nightmare started back in November 2016, it’s been five months now. We had several problems with our 12 volt system on our first trip out. As they were being repaired we had the techs inspect and document several other problems with our fifth wheel. They took notes and pictures, and sent them in to Forest River for us. Over the next three months there were multiple calls to Forest River customer service, and the RV repair shop in Florida trying to coordinate parts and repairs. After three months we found out that the Forest River customer service representative who had received the notes and pictures had lost them all, and didn’t even remember them.

We only found out about the original repair list being lost by dumb luck. One of our gray tank valves wouldn’t shut. While speaking with a new customer service representative about the gray tank issue, we inquired about the previous repair list, again, too see if parts had finally been authorized or ordered. He didn’t know anything about it, and there was nothing in their system about it. Around the same time, our door side wall adhesive lost it’s bond with the studs, and the outside wall began to separate. Forest River told us that they would only accept an inspection from an authorized Forest River service center for the wall and all of the other issues. Unfortunately, the nearest location was 2.5 hours away. The inspection went well, and they found about 20 warranty items. There was just one problem, the service manager said that our wall could only be repaired at the factory.

We spent several weeks emailing back and forth with Forest River customer service. They said that any authorized service center could repair the wall. However, we were told by just such a place that they couldn’t, and the mobile mechanic that had fixed our sewer had also told us that only the factory could repair the wall. After some more back and forth with customer service we were finally given authorization for all of the needed repairs. After a few days of calling around we struck gold, and found a service center that said they would be able to fix the wall. Luckily, it’s close to where we’ll be staying this summer in Washington state. So even if it takes a few months to fix, we won’t have to worry about needing someplace to stay.

Due to all of the problems that we’ve had with our unit, and the less than stellar customer service response, we requested that our warranty be extended for an additional year. We were one week away from the it expiring, and we were getting nervous. In the same week, we found several more problems that were potentially very bad. We took pictures and fired off several panicked emails, worried that we may have found them too late. We asked if we would have to drive back to the nearest authorized service center to have these new problems documented before the warranty expired. We had mere days left, and anxiously checked our email about 50 times a day. Strangely, we weren’t getting any response from our customer service contact.

With time running out we began to panic a bit. We looked up numbers for anyone and everyone we could find that worked for Forest River. After several calls to some very confused people (they wanted to know where we found their numbers), we struck gold again! The manager of Forest River’s warranty department called us. He stressed that they would absolutely stand behind their products and warranty promises. He told us that they would extend the warranty for the three months until our appointment in Washington this summer. He also stressed that we didn’t need to involve anyone else, and that his warranty department was more than capable of handling our problems. We may have struck a nerve by contacting so many other people.

So, as this is being posted, we’re less than a week from leaving for our Washington trip. And, we’re just under three months away from our service appointment. We hope that we don’t find any more problems between now and June. However, if we do, at least we know that Forest River is going to cover them, and peace of mind is a wonderful thing.


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