RV Travel | Our last week in Canyon Lake, Texas

It has been a couple weeks since we posted a new article. We have been working so hard on getting things lined up to have the RV Repaired. It has not been simple at all. Thankfully we are in a wonderful environment that keeps us much more calm.

Canyon Lake is likely a place we will return to over and over again. We stayed at Summit RV Resort, New Braunfels (as it is listed), Texas. The location is about 5-10 minutes from Canyon Lake. They offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rates. The park was previously a members only park, and now it is open to many more.

Our favorite places to go nearby were:
Natural Bridge Caverns
: Hiking in Caves! These caverns were discovered when a sinkhole opened up on a Rancher’s Property. They started to explore the caves and over time found substantial pathways. They decided to create walkways and open it to the public to walk through (with guided tours).

Canyon Lake: Hiking, Swimming, Recreation: Canyon Lake is a Corps of Engineers project that was built on top of two small towns. The lake was established to help control the water levels of the Guadalupe River.

Canyon Gorge: Hiking available by tour only (See video above)  The Canyon Lake Dam has had a few major floods even with the establishment of the dam. In 2002 extreme flooding created the Canyon Gorge. The exposure of the bedrock revealed dinosaur tracks, fossils and carp in the small pools of water that are filtered out of the lake, still today. To see a video of this watch the video below. It is a drone flight over the gorge, and the lake area.
Granny D’s Diner: Best place we have ever had home cooked meals at (honestly!)
Guadalupe River: Ideal for tubing, fishing, camping and relaxing.

We found many things wrong with the RV, as you may have seen from the previous post. We cannot do much about the repairs until we arrive in Washington. They were the only dealership who thought they might be able to repair the wall.

On April 7th we leave Canyon Lake, TX to start the journey North. We are pretty excited about all the different things we will be able to bring to the channel and website! If you have not yet, please subscribe to our channel if you are interested in knowing when the new videos come out. We are going to try to make 3-4 a week. The biggest factor will be getting enough internet to upload them!  Leave us comments, we love to hear from everyone!


Laura & John Hebard



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