How to Organize and Store Belongings in a RV

One of the most unique challenges to living in an RV (0r a tiny home) is organization. Most of the time the cabinets built into RVs are awkward sizes, and are not very conducive to allowing you easily organize them. This leaves the owner trying to come up with ways to create vertical and practical storage. We have found some tricks around this by using all kinds of storage baskets for the different places in our RV. Listed below are some of the cabinets that gave us a hard time, and how we mitigated the organizational nightmare.

  1. Short Cabinets-

    Often you will find these up high, on top of an entertainment center or dining area. They are generally a foot tall or less, they are usually long, and if yours are like ours, they are all connected on the inside without any barriers. Things can will shift easily between all of them and slide around while you are moving. A lot of our organization revolves around baskets that keep things from moving. The Sterilite Ultra Medium size baskets are 14″ long, 11″ wide, and 5″ tall.

  2. Pantry Cabinets-

    I’m not sure how RV Cabinet Manufacturers decide to plan out kitchens. I’m sure that they have some kind of survey team that tells them average dimensions and then it is modified in some way, but there are some unique considerations with these as well. Some of these cabinets are not meant to hold very much weight. If you fill it with canned foods, or heavy items, and hit a large pothole on the highway, you might have some issues with cabinets not staying up. We have heard of this occasionally so I don’t know that it is really a common situation, but it is something to keep in mind. We use a few different items to help us with keeping these items from breaking, and making sure we can access them easily. Interdesign Baskets use a really sturdy plastic and they have holes along the sides, so they are good for use in the bathroom, fridge, or pantry. They also stack, so we were able to use them in our freezer to organize that as well. We were able to double the amount of food in our freezer. To save on cost, we looked for the colors that were the cheapest. The taller baskets in the photos are from the Container Store. There are several sizes, and we have used the smaller ones for can storage. The larger ones are used to protect bread, chips or softer/more fragile items. The last item in the cabinets are actually plastic waste bins made by interdesign with the same sturdy plastic. The are 12″ tall and come in a variety of colors. All of these baskets help to create a way to organize and store things vertically and not get damaged at the same time.clear-plastic-file

3. Closet Storage20170219_143704We use Sterilite Ultra Extra Large baskets, and 11×11 canvas storage cubes to keep clothing from shifting too much. Our closet has a large shelf in the front cap that allows both to fit perfectly. You can even turn the storage cubes upright while traveling, and turn the open side to face outward when stopped so things don’t fall out while moving, but can be seen better while stopped. We have limited hanging clothing which helps us access the shelf easier.


12 thoughts on “How to Organize and Store Belongings in a RV

  1. aelkins1 says:

    Our current rig was designed to cut costs. They tried to standardize with only 3 sizes of cupboard doors. Despite having a multitude of cabinet sizes. So a bunch of our cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom have doors — and thus, door openings — which are much smaller than the cabinet dimensions. So I might have a 10x16x16 space to fill up, but only an 8×8 door opening. It’s impossible to find baskets that make use of the space! Argh!! /rant *pant pant pant* Sorry, it still drives me nuts.

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  2. traveling-kind says:

    oh yeah.. they tell you about the inverter but don’t know which outlets are wired for the inverter, they brag about the 2 TWO !!!!!!! batteries but dont know how many amps, they tell you how fancy the Radio is but don’t know if it comes with SAT radio antenna, prewired or what not.

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Hahahahaha the guys we talk to must have gotten the same booklet of how to sell RVs. Everything we asked they said I don’t know. Finally my husband asked him “what do you know?” He said it jokingly but it was kinda scary. When we towed it home they showed us how to hook it up. We told them we had never towed before and asked for a class and they said they didn’t have one or know of one. Indefinitely advise anyone now to find a class. They are out there!


  3. traveling-kind says:

    My wife and I have a theory where we think that the people who design RVs never actually used one because otherwise things would be more logical. We do the same approach with baskets and boxes to help us organize and prevent items from flying around.

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