Valentine’s Day in an RV


Is it true that your marriage will explode if you live in an RV? Seems like there are so many opinions out there, even from people who have never experienced something like it. Before we moved into the RV we were told all kinds of things about how we would basically lose everything.

Reflections on “us” before traveling

We were told repeatedly our relationship would quickly come to an end by many of the people around us. Sarcastically- it was less than encouraging. Before we moved into the RV and the first few months we lived in the RV, we were in a dark place with our relationship. We rarely saw each other, we had very few, and had very little incentive to put our relationship first. We fought constantly about small things that were rooted to much larger issues, and it seemed endless.

I will never say it was an easy road to get to where we are today. However, we have made a lot of positive, helpful choices since we started living in our RV and traveling.

SHARING– Being in such close quarters help you learn to deal with your differences. You learn on day one in an RV, that not having that second sink in the bathroom means you will have to share everything. There is a small kitchen, a narrow walkway around the bed, one living room area, and one very small bathroom. There is no room to not get along with your spouse. For us, it took a little adjusting that was not necessarily easy, but we learned this pretty quickly. You have to learn to share again. There was no longer extra rooms in the house to escape in and avoid issues.

EATING– together. There’s something we used to only do once, maybe twice a week. Our work schedules were lacking so much in allowing us to spend time together, we didn’t actually even eat together. There’s something to be said about a family that eats dinner together every night. Now we’re able to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together on most days. It was surprising to learn how different our favorite meals were after 5 years of being together, but not.

LEARNING– When we went to go do things with friends, or family, it was often not together. It was easier because of our schedules to go do things with others rather then each other. Now that we have been exploring and learning together again, we appreciate going out together rather than apart. It’s no longer about avoiding arguements, and more about having fun together. This was something that we had pretty much abandoned before.

Putting our relationship first in a society like we have today is not easy. Having healthy relationships is not celebrated, and more often condemned. We’re told to give everything to work, and very few influences tell you to give everything to your family. You have to create that priority personally, and fight to defend it.

For Valentine’s Day-

There are typically not enormous teddy bears with tons of flowers and chocolate everywhere when you live in an RV. RVs are small, and we’re not wasting space on a teddy bear. We typically have chocolate anyways because when you camp a lot, you can make smores, a lot. Lastly, our cat would probably eat the flowers and incur an expensive vet bill, there are plenty outside to enjoy in the places we like to go.

Our version is a little more simple. We like to enjoy the outdoors together, whether by campfire, movie on the screen outside, or going for a hike. Often we grill, we really enjoy making food together and being able to talk and hear each other. For us, it’s not a day, It’s a life. Happy Valentines Life 🙂


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