Housewarming & Travel Gifts For RVers

  1. MiniPresso with Nespresso Pods:espresson-portableFor anyone that loves Espresso and does not want the hassle of a large expensive machine, these are wonderful. You provide the hot water and the the espresso (you can use Nespresso pods with some of them) and you can create your own espresso on the go. The small cup is provided as the lid as well. This makes the top of John’s short list of RV gadgets he loves. If you are purchasing the Nespresso version, there are also many options for sample packs of the pods that you can choose from. The MiniPresso ranges from about $50-60 on Amazon.
  2. Weber Q-1000 Propane Grill:We bought this at the recommendation of many other RVers, and it’s reputation is completely legitimate. Not only is it super easy to clean, it is also really durable. We use the small Propane cans you can get at hardware stores or sports stores, and they last us about 2 weeks-a month depending on usage. Ways to cook outside are always on the top of the list for RVers. The grill price is usually between $150-170 on Amazon.
  3. NuWave Stove Top: Following with the food theme, this device uses induction to heat the pan. You do have to use certain pans (most of them are usable, just look on the bottom of the pan to be sure). This guy is not only safer in an RV
    (cools down rapidly), but you are at a much less risk of burning yourself or starting a fire accidentally. It gives you more precise control over temperature in a small package. We have found that we use this much more then we will ever use our stove top in our RV (as it uses propane which often is too hot for most foods to be cooked properly). This device also has a timer to help keep you on track while cooking. The Nuwave goes for about $50-80 on Amazon.
  4. Instant Pot:Often crock-pots are not really as feasible in an RV because they are large, heavy, and bulky. They usually only do one task as well. This device can function as a crock-pot, but also a steamer, a pressure cooker, and several other cooking functions. It has a vented slot on top that can open and close. The pressure cooker feature has a locking lid that must be placed properly or it will not turn on. You can also buy a normal pot lid and use it for every day cooking as well. We have used ours so many times to make chili, soup, stew, spaghetti, and used it just to cook a larger amount of meat so that it is all in one pot. The Instant Pot goes for about $60-100 on Amazon.
  5. WiFi Ranger Elite:This is an antenna used to increase your visibility to available internet. It does not create a WiFi signal that is not already there. Often times RV Parks are criticized for not putting in a good enough WiFi network even though they advertise that they have “Free WiFi.” They do usually have “Free Wi-Fi,” but it is generally not good enough for even checking email. This antenna is mounted to the top of the RV and it amplifies the WiFi Signal. Then the antenna uses an Ethernet cable to bring it inside the RV. We use it frequently and we can personally vouch for the device. It  can usually increase signal by 2-3 “bars.” It is quite a bit more expensive then the last few gifts but it should be high on any RVers wish list. This usually will cost anywhere from $400-500.
  6. GoPro Camera: goproThese cameras are not just hype we have a GoPro Hero4 Black and we have taken it scuba diving, mounted it on the RV, filmed with a gimbal, and more. It is a very versatile camera that makes it easy to capture a moment without worrying about what it will look like. We have used this a lot for our YouTube channel and it’s honestly worth it. These range from $300-400 on amazon.
  7. Two-Way Radios:When parking an RV it is imperative that you can communicate with another person who is spotting. They have to be able to tell the driver where the RV is going so that it doesn’t hit anyone or anything. We also use these to talk while traveling. So even if we do not have a phone connection we can still communicate. Since we still have two vehicles (hopefully that will change soon), they’re really necessary for us. There are multiple versions out there, but we happened to already have these. They work very well and also come with a weather radio alert system for inclement weather. We have the Midland 2 Way radios, and they go for about $30-40 on amazon.
  8. Weather Radio:
    We both lived in Kansas for a good chunk of our lives, and dealt with some really nasty weather. Almost every type of weather is bad for an RV. Lots of rain could lead to flooding and floating the RV down a new river, tornadoes pack heavy wind damage and sometimes hail. Hail breaks windows and damages the roof, and lightening can knock the power out. If you don’t have a surge protector, this could be even worse. Since RV Parks seem to be magnets for bad weather it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it. Also, many states don’t have sirens to warn of severe weather. We use an Accurite Weather radio/forecaster. It has actually helped us several times when our phone alerts didn’t go off but this device did. We usually watch the weather closely, but this adds extra protection. This usually costs about $80-100 on Amazon.
  9. Camping ChairsCamping chairs or a folding table: fold-able camping chairs are a must have while RVing. Sometimes you have picnic tables at campsites, but not always. We found our folding table at Costco, it is made by Lifetime. we got the smallest table so that it would fit in our cabinet under the main cabin of our RV. If you are wanting to get chairs, I would focus on materials that don’t rust or mold. Padded chairs are very comfortable but they also mold easily.
  10. Decorating Ideas include:
    • Command Strips made by 3M- since the walls are often fragile or very thin in an RV.
    • Shower Rods for hanging wet clothing or towels in the shower.
    • Hooks for shower rods
    • Corelle type dishware- things move a lot in an RV, it’s good if they are not very fragile.
    • Velcro strips- these work well for hanging pictures and securing counter-top items.



6 thoughts on “Housewarming & Travel Gifts For RVers

  1. Mark from Missouri says:

    What size Instant Pot did you purchase? Seems like the 6 quart are popular. A lady at work bought one so I’m learning about her experiences with it. Karen wants one eventually but we are still on the fence about the purchase. Not that it’s overly expensive, we just are try not to buy anything we can’t someday take on the road with us.


    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Hello Again! We have the 6quart and it’s not the newest version, it’s one version prior. I agree we tried not to take too much too! This replaced our Crock-Pot which was just too big for any of the cabinets. So far we have used it for Alfredo, chili, and Mexican food night! Honestly we haven’t really used the pressure cooker function because we’re chicken but hopefully we will learn it soon !


  2. traveling-kind says:

    It seems the instant pot seems to be the latest hype in the RV community. My wife and i are still not sure about it. What is a real life practical application ? I can see it as a time saver, but in reality when we travel we still work full time so we are inside or close by the rig and have the same time to prepare food as we would at home base.
    I would be afraid it would become the latest “breadmaker” where it gets used a few times when new and then end up taking up room in a cabinett. But then i never looked close as the cooking abilities of ot either so i might be wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Hello! I had typed a response but I don’t see it here. I’m sorry, sometimes it doesn’t upload quite right. If it doesn’t show up, I wanted to say that we use the instant pot a lot! We actually use the Crock-Pot pot function the most but it’s the size that is the best for us. 1 pot meals are also easy in it. For us we really like it. If you use a crock pot a lot, this would be a good investment… Or if you pressure cook a lot. We haven’t learned a lot about that part yet 🙂 thanks for your questions!

      Liked by 1 person

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