Entire Project Deleted, and How We Got it Back!

Everyone I know has probably faced the moment of accidentally deleting something on their computer. Most of the time you can still go to the Recycle Bin on your PC and restore the files to their original folders.

What happens when you delete an important file, and double down and clean out the recycle bin too?

Today was full of panic. I had almost finished editing our footage of the Johnson Space Center and I was getting ready to upload it. The computer was having trouble so I thought cleaning up some old files might help. I got distracted while waiting for something to finish (big shock) and it was gone. Not part of it, ALL OF IT. A ten minute video typically takes me about 5 hours of editing/uploading, depending on the footage. Not to mention we spent 4 hours at the Space Center filming and learning, and we spent two hours diving there and back. The tickets were not free, and I dreaded telling my husband what happened to all the awesome footage he filmed for me to work with. We both ended up getting really sick after filming too, so the video was already past due. We ran out the door with the camera to create new footage thinking NASA was absolutely gone.

When we got home several hours later and I began searching for anything that might restore deleted and trashed files. I had never heard of this before but there are actually software programs that will scan your hardrive and recover “completely” erased files. Desperately, I tried it. It mostly worked too! While the NASA files were 10 minutes of video, I recovered 5 minutes worth of edited footage of the main areas of the Space Center. The whole process took about 4 hours to scan the whole computer. I paid $69.99 to get it back, and the video is finally uploading.

We got this idea because John mentioned that in his criminal justice classes they talked about getting files back that had been “erased”.

The software that I used is EaseUs, the software was easy for me to understand too. No I don’t work for them, but I am likely not the only one to face something like this. If it is really important to you, there are options. If you have comments or questions feel free to ask below :).


4 thoughts on “Entire Project Deleted, and How We Got it Back!

  1. aelkins1 says:

    *groan* I HATE when that happens! Lost a WordPress post a couple of weeks ago that I’d spent a couple of hours on. Poof! I am lucky to have an expert IT guy (my spouse) who can fix most issues for me. (Not that time, sadly.)

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