Summit RV Resort Canyon Lake, Texas

We were looking for a big change after a month in Houston. We enjoyed visiting family and friends, and there is plenty to do in Houston. However, the business really wore us out. John worked a lot for the month to catch up on some bills and worked very hard during Super Bowl weekend. New Braunfels was a very welcome change. We found a quiet RV park (quiet in the winter), and we wanted to take a week or two to relax.

Summit RV Resort is an RV park with cabins, villas, and camping sites. It has a resident herd of deer, and plenty of wildlife. Some of the RV spots are close together, but all in all it is a beautifully serene place. Our neighbors are very nice, and everyone really seems to respect the quiet hours. We are incredibly thankful to have found this place to stay.

They have very large residential bathrooms, a large coin laundry facility, and everything was very clean in the both. The grounds are nicely kept as well.

This park hosts many travelers from spring and summer for tubing and camping trips. Most of them are families or college age, but for now it’s just us and a few snowbirds. We pay a little under $500/mo. including electricity, currently.

We will post more, including video, very soon. Thank you for reading, leave a comment below if you have any advice or questions for us. Thanks!



5 thoughts on “Summit RV Resort Canyon Lake, Texas

  1. aelkins1 says:

    Hey John & Laura! We are in Castroville for the month, on the west side of San Antonio. Fancy getting together for lunch (on the weekend) or dinner (any evening)? You can reach me at a_elkins1 [at]


  2. traveling-kind says:

    Looks like a nice spot and the monthly rate seems pretty good. Do you know how the overall Cellphone reception was ? ( Verizon, ATT or T-Mobile ) we are planning to visit that area for a few months and I need good cell coverage for my dayjob.

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      This RV park does not have good cell phone coverage with T-Mobile. It has enough to stream sometimes with Netflix or Amazon. I would say 2-4 bars max. We don’t have a booster so that may help. There is a tower nearby but we are pretty low in the valley so I think the hills block the signal. New Braunfels, Kyle, and Buda we had great signals. They do offer free wifi at this park. It seems to be typical RV Park WiFi. We will put up the antenna today and see if that helps. I’m not sure about Verizon or AT&T at this location.

      There are quite a few RV parks around here and if data connection is a must, I would maybe look into one that’s not in the valley 🙂

      Thank you for your comment! Let us know if you have any more questions or advice :).

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