10 Things That Are Tough to Travel With

1. Hair dryer- Unless it’s one that uses less power (like a travel one)… it uses too much power. If you do bring it, don’t plug it into a power strip.

2. Winter Coat- Unless you are RVing in the north during winter maybe don’t bring one. These heavy and bulky closet killers take up way too much of the 350 sq ft.

3. Liters of Shampoo- They consume massive amounts of precious shower space. And likely along your travels you will find a store with an entire aisle stocked full of the regular size.

4. Years Worth of Pantry Food- If you said too much weight and space you’re catching on. We plan food based on how long we’re going to be away from grocery stores. Typical RV fridges hold about 1/3 to 1/2 of a home sized fridge. Making versatile meals helps, and meal prepping also goes a long way. We brought a food saver with us to help keep foods longer, like beef. Which we can buy for cheap in Kansas, and brisket if we order some from Joe’s KC BBQ.

5. Cleaners- Most household cleaners can be harmful to RV surfaces. No, this is not one of those don’t use chemicals ads. They just don’t do well with the materials or holding tanks… We have 3 cleaners total. One each for the kitchen, bathroom, and shower. We use Frosch because I’m not a chemist, and these are gentle enough for the rv.

6. Dishware Sets– Most of us find out quickly who doesn’t like to wash dishes in our relationships. We keep a set of four, and they aren’t even microwaveable. Normal dishware can break easily. We traded ours in for Melamine dishware and sometimes have to wash dishes twice a day. If you are entertaining more people you might be better off using paper. If you have an environmental problem with that, consider the water you are wasting washing the dishes… we try to keep it simple and eco friendly!

7. Gym Equipment- Machines are hard to fulltime travel with, and very heavy. For us, we sold our elliptical. Not only was it way too large and heavy, but the only place we could have put it is in the RVs living room. Also… jumping or moving around in an RV can sometimes make your partner sea sick. If you have ever seen the youtube videos about how to properly load a trailer, you understand the mental image of excercise equipment wrecking your truck on travel day.

8. Cable Bill- These days most RVers use data plans for almost all of it. I’m not an expert, but we did switch to an unlimited plan. Since we’re not on anyone else’s schedule currently, we stream our shows when we want too. Some RVers go the satelite route, but we decided to wait and see if we would need it. So far, we have not.

9. CDs/DVDs/VHS/Books – If you have just a couple of favorites, this isn’t a big deal. However, if you want to keep the collection you’ve built since the 90’s, I would suggest putting them in binders or ripping them to a large external hard drive. Digital media is not only lighter, but takes up less space. These days it’s more technology friendly to play across the plethora of screens around us across the all times.

10. Lawn Ornaments- Keeping track of, and protecting things on an RV, gets tidious. Choosing one or two durable decorations is a fun idea. If you plan on traveling a lot… these tend to be donated to non traveling rvers.

We are definitely guilty of trying some of these, and some came from other RVers. We hope this will make you laugh a little, and if you are thinking about fulltime RVing, they are good things to start considering. 🙂 Safe Travels!


6 thoughts on “10 Things That Are Tough to Travel With

  1. Richmond of Richelieu says:

    I love my large book collection and my crazy sick humungous dvd collection. But flash drives are our friends and a needed solution if you want to bring your collections along with you. Though buying complete new version of one collections can be cost prohibitive and quite painful. In addition be wary. I once lost a 500G collection of movies I spent a fortune on.

    P.S. I am informed that for those who do not have a problem morally with it (if you do them skip this paragraph entirely) you can easily download almost any movie, documentary, tv shows as well as ebooks and audio books via a site called “thepiratebay.org” and using a free to download and to use program called uTorrent. It’s all quite easy to figure out. And it makes replacing your current hard copies for easy to cary digital ones. Surprisingly they sometimes have movies shared by members of the academy awards weeks before the movie is shown in theatres here. Though the site promotes people downloadong to also go see the good movies in theatres to show ones appreciation, give financial support and promote continued quality movie making, and to give to others equivalent to the value of what you have received for free!!

    Safe and Happy Travels !!

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      I know what you mean, you can rip the DVD to a thumb drive too :). I don’t think we’ll ever have enough WiFi at RV parks to do anything more then streaming a movie, let alone download on, haha! Streaming one can be a challenge sometimes!


  2. Kana Smith says:

    Full-time RVing DOES change how you think about everything! I realized how much stuff I used to keep around “just in case”—stuff that NEVER got used, but I kept packing it up and moving with it from house to house. Life is way simpler now, that’s for sure. The category that was tough for me was books—I used to have hundreds, many of them annotated and underlined and written-in… But I’m adjusting; my iPad holds thousands, at the “price” of just a few ounces. I still have about three dozen “real” books stashed in our cupboards, but for me that’s progress! 😉

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Hahaha so true! It’s a totally different way of thinking about all of it. iPads really help, or any of the tablet like devices. I don’t know what we would do without them! Getting rid of all the physical books was hard for me too 🙂


  3. dablairsondaroad says:

    I’m looking at this list and thinking how differently we planned when we started on this adventure. We accounted for Trent’s research books (200 lbs!), his workout bench and free weights (another 200 lbs!) and our dishes. So I think I have everything on your list except the huge bottle of shampoo and lawn ornaments! And this is why I have to use the laundromat, not enough weight for a washer and dryer.

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