Diving & RVing

Can we continue diving, while traveling? This was a serious question we had to ask ourselves when we started this journey of full-time RV living. Laura has been a certified scuba diver since she was 11. Even though she does not get to dive very often while living in Kansas, she is really wanting to do it more often now. 

Gear-SCUBA Divers often want certain pieces of their own gear. Some prefer their own wetsuits or regulators, some get picky about their fins, for some they are very picky about it all. After all, if you know and trust your gear, it certainly lends to comfort underwater.

Where do you store all of it in an RV? Who maintains it yearly when a local shop you’ve known has repaired it all of it’s life? The last part we haven’t figured out yet.

We found that the easiest place was a protected 3’x3′ square in our closet. Things can not fall on it or damage it there. The gear is out of the sunlight, kept in a controlled environment, and away from pets.

Camera Equipment- We use overlapping camera gear for above and below the water with different housings. The reason we decided on a GoPro Hero4 Black was because of its ability to record high quality underwater videos. Using a magenta filter, we have been impressed by its ability to capture color and light at depths of 85 feet. Here are some of the videos we filmed with it:

If you have found anything that can help us film better please feel free to comment below and share your advice. We greatly appreciate your insight. Thank you!

These were all filmed in Cozumel, we used a company called Dive Pros at Hotel Cozumel. The locations were excellent. I had wonderful instructors who dive there almost every day of the year, which helped a lot. Below is a link to our diving videos we have created so far! 

Adventure Videos: Scuba Diving Videos

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6 thoughts on “Diving & RVing

  1. Kana Smith says:

    “Dive gear” is one of the reasons why I’m glad we bought a toy hauler! When we bought the rig, I honestly thought it was just so we could take the motorcycle with us, but I’ve been SO glad to have a “garage” area where we can keep our dive gear (tanks included), snow pants & snow boots & sleds (we’re buried in snow this winter!), camping gear (we still like to go farther into the mountains than we’d pull the fifth-wheel), rapelling gear, my mechanic-husband’s tools, and other things I wouldn’t want in my living room! Of course, using that back section as “garage” means that we have less living-space… but we have enough. And although we both got rid of tons of stuff (literally) when we moved into the RV, neither of us was willing to offload the gear! We’re in this for EXPERIENCES—and that’s what this kind of gear is for! 🙂

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    • Hebard's Travels says:

      That is awesome! We didn’t keep the tanks but I have my dive gear. We do not have a garage though. I can see how valuable that space would be!! Especially with all the snow! I feel like the gear is put to better use in this lifestyle anyways!

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  2. Michigan Traveler says:

    Dear John and Laura,

    We also fulltime and I am the SCUBA diver in the family, my wife snorkels.
    I sold my tanks when we left home, but kept the rest of my gear. By good packing I am able to fit it all into on large bin that is stored in the basement of our fifth wheel. Our snorkeling gear is packed in two bags in another pass-through compartment, and my camera is showed in an overhead compartment inside. I still have my weights and they go in a milk grate in the bed of our pick up.

    I have pictures, and will post them when I figure out how to do that in a comment. 🙂

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