Finding Your NFL Game

To those who know us personally, it’s no secret we try to not miss Football. Our favorite teams are the Seattle Seahawks (John) and the Green Bay Packers (Laura). When traveling, It can always be a guess whether or not you will be able to view a game. Here is our process of figuring it out. This is how you avoid having to watch this: 

Instead of your game!

1. Find out which channel is playing it by using google. If you type in your teams name, typically their upcoming game will be displayed first in the results, with the channel at the bottom of the first post. Like this:

2. If you have an “Over The Air” antenna, but not cable or satelite, you need to figure out what channels are which. Doing a TV Channel Scan often helps so you can flip through them to figure this out. You can also Google search “Over the air channels” for the city you are in. We find that the easiest webpage to use for this is: It will look like this in your results, yellow channels come through the best, red channels you might need a bigger antenna. This will work most of the time for Fox, CBS, NBC, or ABC games.

If the game is being broadcasted on NFL or ESPN, or has you “blacked out” in your area, you will need to find a local bar or friend with Sunday NFL Ticket. Or even buy a Direct TV satellite and package with NFL Ticket.

3. How do you know if it will be shown on your local channels? We use the website 506Sports to determine this. On the menu click NFL, then select which week you are in. It will give you a map like this, scroll until you find your game.

4. If you are at an RV Park, ask if they have cable. Sometimes they will, and sometimes their cable will have ESPN or NFL channels. It just depends on their provider. Sometimes the office will even know the channel line up or have printouts to help you find them.

With these tips you should be able to decide between staying home or going out. Lastly, know your time zone. If you aren’t in your home state, chances are football times and schedules will mess with you at some point. Florida has two time zones, which made us lose an hour of the game. When we finally got to the sports bar we almost didn’t get table.

Hope these tips help. Leave some feedback if you have other ideas too!


4 thoughts on “Finding Your NFL Game

  1. John Conners says:

    If you have internet access, you can subscribe to NFL Game Pass. That lets you watch games as soon as they are finished. Yes that means waiting, but it works in a pinch.

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  2. Ellen says:

    Great tips! We’ve been full-timing for about eight years now and TV continues to be a major source of amusement (if not frustration) — and I’m not referring to the programming. Thanks for the resources for finding stuff on TV — I usually just go to the Web site for the organization (NFL, NCAA…) and look for the TV coverage listings. We don’t have satellite, so when we run our TV through its usual set-up when we first arrive in an RV park, we make note of the various channels on a list that we keep nearby for reference. We always know when it’s time to hitch up and move — when we’ve learned the local TV stations 🙂 Thanks again!


    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Ellen, Thank you, I’m glad you found it helpful! Boy it is a source of frustration. We do not have a satelite either and are really avoiding having to get one, lol. I would rather just go to a bar then buy a dish! So true, about when it’s time to move. I find it annoying just to do the autos can every time we stop somewhere haha! The NFL keeps changing their blackout and non blackout policies and it’s driving us nuts. We thought we couldn’t be the only ones struggling with it. If you have any other ideas feel free to add!


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