RV Mods and Hacks | #2

We also have an album on our Facebook page for RV Hacks. However, we did not have the album and descriptions on our webpage. This post shows photos and descriptions of some of the very helpful hacks or tools we use in our RV currently. As always, we welcome comments and feedback!

Wall Hangings:wp-1484412290866.jpg Since the walls are so thin with RVs, we use materials like Velcro Strips, or Command Picture Hanging Strips, to hold pictures on the wall. So far we have been gentle in pulling them off and we have had no wall damage. This also works well for things in your compartments below. I would not suggest going with the Velcro Brand Industrial Strength, unless you know you want something to be permanently mounted. The Glue might be able to hold tools or gear better for you. You can still remove this, but it takes quite a bit more effort to not damage the wall. The wood plaque in this picture can be found: here

The “Bedside Table” wp-1484412290831.jpgOur RV came with bedside shelves that hold one water glass and our phones. So we went in search of something that would keep our bedside things organized and usable. We found this spice rack that pretty closely matches the wood in our RV. We used Velcro Brand Strips to hang up the bamboo spice rack and keep it in the same place. So far this has worked out really well! It continues to be one of the favorite mentioned hacks we have made to the RV.

Entry Way Shelf: wp-image-281369137jpg.jpgWe use a shelf from Ikea that is 36″ wide we purchased several years ago (Unfortunately, we could no longer find it on their website). Since RV entry ways are various sizes it would be best to measure and find a shelf that will work for you.
We leave a towel for drying off our dog’s feet, and their leashes all by the door. When traveling, these baskets will slide. So we use bungee cords to keep them from falling off of the shelf, and just leave it against the wall. The baskets on the shelf are from Amazon, made by a company called Interdesign. They can be found by clicking on the link above.

Shelving: wp-1484412290462.jpgShelving has become an important way for us to organize and store more. Since our 5th wheel did not come with the buffet table, we built this shelf to hold camera gear, office supplies, and a printer. These wire shelves rarely come in the size you will need in a 5th wheel. So our advice would be to figure out the height that you want your shelving unit and buy the shelving poles separately. Most of the poles for these shelving units are a standard size and can work together. We tested this by buying one companies poles, and a different companies shelves.  As long as they were the same color it did not make a difference for us. You can even get leg levelers since RVs are not always flat where you want the shelf to go.  The next step is to find the wire shelves that go with the poles. Again, these should be standard sizes.

Small Item Storage: wp-1484412290200.jpgFor tiny items such as spices, medicine, bathroom items, etc. we found these small rectangular shakers. They come in 6 packs with a tray to store them in. You can keep them all together for spices, or you can even divide them up like in the picture. On the top shelf with the red, white, and blue tops there are small items. On the shelf below, we took the tops off and used them for makeup storage. That way small items could sit upright and not spill out of the cabinet. They are called “6 Spice Shaker Seasoning Bottles” on Amazon.

Safety on the Stairs: wp-1484412291157.jpgThe stairs are very slick when wet. Thankfully, we have only fallen once. There are plenty of solutions from carpet squares that wrap around the step, to putting in different stairs all together. We chose to use adhesive grip tape from Slip Doctors. So far we have not had to replace it, and it has held up to us coming and going with 2 dogs. Since the dogs get walked numerous times a day, it is really tested with foot and paw traffic. Also, it does not hurt our dogs paws, which was another concern. You can actually walk on this barefoot. It is not super comfortable, but it does grip well. It comes in many sizes, but to save money we bought the 4″ wide roll and cut small strips to fit all of the slick metal we could.

Generators: wp-1484412290245.jpgThis provides a back-up emergency power source for us. Since we are normally in campgrounds or rv parks, we are not a priority to get power back on when it’s lost. It is always a good idea to have an emergency power source when RVing. Many parks and campgrounds are out in the country. This style of generator is rated for 51.5-61 decibels, which is about conversation level. When we purchased the generator in 2016, it was one of the quietest portable generators on the market. This generator also comes with the ability to parallel a second generator which we will post links for. Stats for the Yamaha EF2000ISv2: 44 pounds, “whisper quiet” (51.5-61 Decibels), has a 20amp connection (30 with a parallel cable and second generator), overall size is 2.2 cu.ft., emissions are low enough to meet California requirements, it has a smart throttle that changes to the requirement of the load, fuel tank holds 1.1 gallons, has a low oil warning light, and it comes with a dedicated 12v battery charging cable. The cables needed to add the second generator to combine and increase power are: Yamaha Parallel Cables, the Parallel generator is the Yamaha EF2000iS. We keep ours covered with the yamaha generator cover. So far we have used the generator several times while traveling, espeically to recharge batteries and provide a small amount of power when we stop for the night.

Monitoring: wp-1484412290641.jpgWhen we are gone for the day we have a few rules that help keep our pets safe. They must have a temp of 65-75, and they have to be in a safe area. We use a pet monitor called Piper NV that allows us to see them, hear them, and monitor the temperature inside. This device runs in WiFi, so you’ll a hotspot or another source of WiFi to run it. If it disconnects it attempts to reconnect itself. If it cannot reconnect, it alarms our phone through the app on our phone. This device also send alerts by our custom requests for things such as the temperature becoming too hot or cold, a sudden large amount of light, if it has become too humid, or if it’s very loud (dogs barking). You can see your pets on your phone through the app, and you can even speak to them. Maybe to stop their barking, or comfort them. Our pets mean the world to us, and we want to keep them safe and comfortable while we are away from the RV.

Weather Monitoring:wp-1484412291236.jpg Our RV came with a Jensen receiver which includes a dedicated weather band radio, that has never worked for us. It is not simple, and you have to reconnect it everywhere you go. NOAA runs on the smallest radio band available, so it can reach everyone. Our antenna usually isn’t strong enough to even pick it up. We use the AcuRite Weather Station instead. It includes a monitoring device that sits outside to give you current information. Whenever we move to a new area we have to enter the local FIPS code. The FIPS code let’s us receive local weather alerts when there is severe weather. It has a battery backup in both the base stain and the handheld, in case of needing to evacuate and find shelter You can take the radio portion along.

Towel Hooks:wp-1484412291196.jpgWe use these to hang wet items in the shower, we have a few different options. We use the Command Hooks for Bathrooms in the shower, and we also use double shower rods across the top of our bathroom. These provide ways to hang things like jeans or other others we don’t want shrinking in the dryer. They also hold wet towels so they can dry and not mildew. The triple hooks just slide on the tension rods that act as rails for them.

Stair Treads or Stair Runners:

wp-1484412290064.jpgThese cover the very slick stairs in our halway. We were having a tough time, and so were the dogs. These are called Stair Runners. You will need to measure your steps and make sure whatever you choose will fit. Also make sure the ones you like have a rubber backing so they don’t slide off as you walk. These have a rubber backing and can be machine washed.

Water purifier:

This keeps the water clean and resetting good wherever we go. The three stage water filter can be found at RV Water Filter Supply Store.

These carry out bikes on top of the tuck. We didn’t want to hang them from the RVs back ladder since we keep our folding ladder on it.

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