Houston, TX

The day we were going to leave Pensacola Laura had to go to the dentist, which was in the opposite direction we were going. So John pulled the fifth wheel to Lambert’s cafe where there was a large lot to park tucks and RVs in. After Laura was finished she met John at Lambert’s (Home of the Throwed Rolls), in Foley Alabama. When Laura returned she started getting a weird feeling about the weather. The clouds were building higher, and the storms looked to be building very quickly. After looking at the weather forecasts we decided that we wouldn’t have a good travel day, and that we should stay overnight. We asked the Home Depot Manager next door if he wouldn’t mind letting us stay in the parking lot that night. He said he didn’t mind, but only because we asked permission (always best to ask first!). It was a good thing we didn’t travel, wings for up to 70mph. If you want to see what the storms looked like:


We had a rough ride up Highway 98 to meet up with I-20. We had been warned by several people to avoid I-10 with the RV, and we were very grateful for the advice! Our first night traveling to Houston we stayed in Vicksburg, Alabama (at a walmart). The next morning we got up, refueled and crossed the Mississippi! We stayed on I-20 all the way to Longview, TX, where we slept at a walmart again. The next morning we got up and finished our drive to Houston! We stopped at an RV Park called Fallbrook RV Resort. The area surrounding the park appeared to be a little rough, but the park was gated and we didn’t see any need to worry. We will be updating again soon.


5 thoughts on “Houston, TX

  1. randombitsoftrialanderror says:

    Wow, you guys are on a similar path that we are. We are week #1 into full-time RVing. We’ve spent the first few days at the Hilltop RV park in Robertsdale, AL, and just had dinner last night at Lambert’s Cafe with The Paddy Wagon. We are headed to Houston on Saturday. We just subscribed to your YouTube channel and are excited to catch up with your adventures (we are Go Big AND Go Home RV Adventures). Not sure how long y’all are in Houston, but maybe we could meet up for dinner some night (we are staying in the League City area). Best wishes on your adventures. Looking forward to keeping up with them. Dawn

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