Pensacola Beach, FL

John and I traveled to Pensacola Beach, FL for our first trip out. On our way to Pensacola we had to have some work done on the RV and stopped at a KOA in West Memphis. The campgrounds were quiet and serene. They were a wonderful break from our first two days of boon-docking and sleeping at Rest Stops. The dogs handled the trip well and we learned a lot from our first few days on the road.
The RV was repaired and we continued onto Pensacola Beach. We drove through Montgomery, Alabama which we may never again do in an RV. The turns were so quick that our GPS couldn’t keep up, and it caused a hectic seen very fast! We were stopped on the highway on a thin strip of shoulder, with all 70+ feet of our Truck, 5th Wheel, and our SUV all in a line.

We found that we love boondocking at walmart much more than the rest areas we had been to. Often you will find another RVer, who typically has a story of their own. We had listened to others advice and always asked the store manager for permission to stay overnight. And we always asked with something we were purchasing in hand. We were very respectful and didn’t put our slides out or jacks down, unless we needed diesel. We always hook back up as soon as possible.


Pensacola Beach is a barrier island off the coast of Florida, just south of Pensacola and Gulf Breeze. It is mostly a vacation area with restaurants catering to tourists. The water is pristine and the beaches were phenomenal. We stayed at Pensacola Beach RV Resort, and enjoyed all the island could offer. We took almost daily trips to the beach, and were able to snorkel even though it was winter. John learned to fly his drone with the help of our neighbor, and found he really enjoyed it! Check out some videos from our vlog that we filmed here:

We met so many new friends who gave us great advice, they even cooked a Shrimp Boil for us the day before we left! I had never tried shrimp or crab legs before and I doubt I will ever find any that good again. The day before we left Pensacola Beach was December 30th, and we had to come back to watch the fireworks! We braved the weather to watch the show on our first experience living on a beach!

We had planned to stay for four months, but decided we needed to find some temporary work. So after two short months we reluctantly left the island. Below are some of the fantastic pictures we took while visiting! Thanks for checking in!

Casino Beach, Pensacola Beach, FL December 2016




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