Washers and Dryers

We originally wanted a combo washer and dryer to save on space. The loan servicer at camping world basically told us no. However, we could have stackables, which are actually much better. Of course we weren’t tools abhor the switch until the day we were going to pick it up, and they were already installed. At the time I was pretty upset with him for spending our hard earned money for us, but we are very happy with what we have now.


We sold our amazing nine month old matching residential set for well below half of what we purchase them for. Then turned around and bought a new set for much more. The Splendide set has the front load washer below and front load dryer above. The settings are simple, and there is a little chart for which setting to choose on the washer. It loads about four full size towels and a hand towel or two; or two dog blankets; or about three days worth of clothing for two adults.

The dryer is vented to the outside. There are some dryers that do not have to be vented, I guess. I have never seen one of those mythical creatures, but the salesman seemed pretty sure of it. The washer drains like a residential would, but through a smaller pipe.

***Fun Fact – if you do three loads of laundry, other chores, and take a shower or two, it fills your grey tank. If it over flows, it can actually back the water out the top of the washer’s drain pipe. Which dumps it into our bedroom. We definitely wouldn’t know about this, twice. We bought a shopvac. Watch your tanks!***

Since the machines are now in our bedroom versus the basement, they make the entire bedroom smell like downy+gain+half of a dryer sheet (because for three bath towels and two hand towels, you don’t really need a full one. Cut them in half ;)) If your loved one forgets the beano, it is not nearly as noticeable.

The pair does like to rock the RV a little, especially when we are relaxing from chores and sit down to watch a movie or take a nap. The laundry timing needs to be considered, it’s not easy sleeping through the mini earthquake of a spin cycle. I recommend planning/procrastinating laundry loads when you are outside grilling with a cold one,  or taking the dogs for a run. Another rocking time saver – we hang towels on command hooks in the bath after half a drying cycle (seriously don’t need the full dryer sheet).

The two seem to get along well and only take up half of our closet, but with two dogs and full time jobs, occasionally we just get rocked to sleep.

As always, if you have recommendations, shared experiences, etc. feel free to share them in comments below 🙂


8 thoughts on “Washers and Dryers

  1. Richmond of Richelieu says:

    Why couldn’t you get the 2 in 1 washer and dryer? I’m not sure I undertand. Was it a technical problem or financing problem?

    I myself have wet dreams about getting a combo unit in my RV. I keep wracking my brain trying to figure how to do it. Unfortunately a 22 foot long motorhone may allow me to drive almost anywhere but has very few places to add any luxuries. My only solution so far is if I’m willing to remove the dinette. And that space is already spoken for by another renovation planned for this summer. I’m installing a writing desk given that Ill be researching and writing several travel guides as I travel. I also figure I can eat at my desk. But I am pretty sure that if I get a girlfriend or wife to join me RVing she won’t be thrilled with the change. Lol. O well one step at a time.

    Actually what I need given the size of my RV is a combo washer dryer the size of a big microwave (I could replace my rarely used oven with it.) If anyone ever discovers such a size combo unit please let me know.


    • Hebard's Travels says:

      We love having the separate units. When we purchased our 5th wheel they basically told us we didn’t want the combo and they didn’t carry it anyways. We really liked the rig so we decided stackable was OK too. We’re glad we did. Washing the dogs blankets are pretty simple with those stackables.

      They do have laundry rooms pretty much everywhere we have seen. Even some state parks have coin laundry. There are ways to go with out them. We had the space so we kept them 🙂


  2. Sandy Scholwinski says:

    We have Whirlpool stackables. Use the timer and when we get home from work just throw in dryer. The all in one units are good, but there is a learning curve. Not a Splendid fan.


    • hebardstravels says:

      We did not know much about them when we first got them. They certainly are not the GE quality we were used to. So far they have held up well to the dog hair! We like to wash pet blankets once a week if possible, and they have held up well (fingers crossed!)


    • hebardstravels says:

      Yeah that was odd. Basically we said that we wanted the washer and dryer combo as part of the deal and a couple smaller things. He said he would try and get what he could built in. The most expensive items were worked into the loan (washer, dryer, and the hitch) the rest was denied. We decided to be OK with it, but at first I was confused about them not being able to add things like a sewer hose onto the whole package. I have no idea why that was a problem. We purchased it anyways (obviously) but it was almost like it wasn’t worth the effort writing it in the boxes?

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