RV Monitoring and Security

There are several reasons RVers have become security conscience, especially if they are living in their RV or full timing. All of these preparedness actions would take place in a house for us as well.

1. The most obvious, to us, was intruders. Although we have not personally experienced, or witnessed, (knock on wood) our RV being tampered with, broken into, stolen etc., we are still nervous about these events happening. To help safeguard ourselves we made some changes. We replaced our door lock (See RV Lock, their products are great!). We replaced the cam locks on the compartments below, because they are master keyed from the manufacturer. We installed a home monitoring camera inside, and we keep personal defense tools. We installed safety lighting throught the RV so we can see where we are walking, or illuminate the outside so we can see our surroundings.

2. Our safety – having sensors that monitor temperature, smoke, water, weather, and anything else that endangers our health. The fridge and freezer sensors keep our food safer, and the monitor has alarms to tell us when it becomes too warm in either. The water filter we installed keeps the drinking water safe for us and our pets. We have electric heaters in case it gets too cold, and a generator for emergency power.


Weather Radio



3. Our pets safety – making sure they are safely kenneled while we are gone for short periods. Kenneling keeps them from getting loose; which prevents them from eating anything that could make them sick, getting injured, or damaging anything in the RV, or hurting themselves. The second was the Piper NV Home Security Monitor. This made us feel more secure because we can use our cell phones to see our dogs, talk to them, hear them, see potential hazards such as the temperature inside the rv, and if there are any home alarms going off.

We treat our pets monthly with prevention medications for heartworm, fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, and even mosquitos. They wear Seresto Collars (the only flea collar that is actually proven to work, as is non allergenic) and also take Sentinel monthly. I obtained these by having them seen at their vet, and followed the vets recommendations. We also have their blood tested yearly to catch illnesses earlier. We feed them high quality food, and that’s all they eat. We also keep them well hydrated, especially on those hot summer days. All of these are protective measures to ensure their health and safety, especially while traveling.

Thanks to smart phones, security monitors (Piper NV), and WiFi, we can go run errands or leave for a few hours and know they aren’t getting too hot, and that they are doing OK at home. There are so many devices out there now that provide these services and more. If you are living in an RV full time with your pets, we highly recommend getting some kind of monitoring tool.

We began searching for solutions to some of these just to have some peace of mind. The first one we resolved before the RV was the weather alarm. We have our phones and apps, but we also have a small weather radio also. It also reports the actual weather outside as it is happening.


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