RV Mods and Hacks | #1

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LED Light Strips –

LED light strips can be found on Amazon. They have a sticky backing, but not enough to damage a wall. The lights come with a remote that can change the color to many different options. This is a great way to cheaply add accent lighting to your home or RV.

RV Water Filter Store has great fresh water hoses, and other systems for a very fair price. We opted to go with a three filter system that starts with 1 Micron Filter, then 0.5 Micron Filter, and a Charcoal Filter. This will aid in keeping our drinking water clean and sediment free. The Charcoal filter improves taste as well. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

RV Lock 4.0 – We changed our lock pretty quickly after seeing the youtube videos of how easy it is to break into RVs because they are master keyed. The RV Lock 4.0 allows keyless entry, keypad entry, and keyed entry. The deadbolt also seems stronger, although that is our novice opinion.

Cam Bolt Lock Replacements. We swapped out the cam locks on the compartment doors since they are also master keyed. We ordered a set from Industrial Lock and Hardware. We replaced ours with circular locks instead of standard keys. The standard RV key that says “CH751” is a master key across all RVs. This means that anyone with that key, including dealerships and other RVers, can unlock your compartment. It is easier for dealers but not very good for the consumer. Click in this link to go to their website.

Fridge and Freezer Remote Thermostats:imageimage We chose a two monitor system that will wirelessly report information to the console about high temperatures, low temperatures, and it will even allow you to set alarms in case the fridge or freezer are not working. When we purchased our rig we had some battery issues, and to make a long story short, this alerted us to the fridge not turning on because the outlet was not working. This likely saved us a lot of money by saving our food.

Puck LightsimageThat’s what we call them anyways. We added push (or remote) lights to cabinets and under sinks that can easily be touched to allow us to see better. In small spaces the shadows are large. The tall ceilings also play into this. We have more lights than a five bedroom home, but still shadows in corners.


Induction Cook Top – We chose the NuWave single induction cook plate. We thought we could use it instead of propane while hooked up. Or when we are traveling and cannot use the propane stove top because we can’t reach it with the slides in.  Unfortunately, our fiver has a smaller battery bank, and only has the refrigerator outlet hooked up to the inverter. Either we would have to run an extension cord from the fridge outlet, which would risk the food in our fridge spoiling. Or fire up the generator each meal, which would be obnoxious. Either way, it has been very beneficial at the RV parks when we want to cook pasta, soup, etc.

Amazon Fire – Our TV was downgraded from a Sony 4k UHD we had purchased 10 months ago, to a Jensen 1080p non smart TV. The quality change was not that big of a deal, and it was plenty big. The worst downside was the loss of our precious Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime apps allowing us to binge into oblivion. Amazon Fire allowed us to watch these through our new not so smart TV.  While traveling we’ve found that some RV Parks will block streaming sights. To remedy this, we have to use our phones as hotspots. This does use a lot of data, but T-Mobile allows us unlimited data now.

WiFi Ranger Elite– When we were younger we weren’t as reliant on three internet as we are now. However, now many things require it. There are several groups who have researched how to obtain reliable internet while traveling. To anyone looking for information on this subject I would suggest looking for information from TechnoMadia. They have written a book, and created a web page, that explain all of the various ways that travelers can get internet. At their recommendation, and several others, we chose the WiFi Ranger Elite to capture WiFi signals. Just a note to those who think this is all free after they purchase an antenna, it should not be. It is our responsibility to make it advantageous to businesses to keep allowing the usage of these signals. If you are using a businesses WI-FI ask for permission first.  Maybe even offer to purchase something or pay for using their bandwidth. This maintains the willingness to supply a free signal that is open for other travelers. This signal is not free for their business. If you don’t ask permission, or offer to buy something, how can you expect them to continue providing a free service?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System wp-1484412290796.jpgTire Pressure monitoring is extremely important. While you are towing large trailers you don’t necessarily feel issues with tires like you would in a car. Adding sensors to the tires does not ensure that they will detect a problem. You still have to read the manual and know how to maintain these like any other system. However, it does reduce the risk of blowouts if programmed properly. This system tracks temperature and pressure in real time numbers. We opted to go with the TST TM-507 model, mostly because it has capabilities of putting air in the tires without removing the sensor.


Please Check out RV Mods #2 For More ideas 🙂


10 thoughts on “RV Mods and Hacks | #1

  1. Richmond of Richelieu says:

    Great article. I plan on applying every single mod idea to my own RV this summer. Keep up the great work, concise and clear blog entries. You just got a new fan for this site. Thanks for sharing it on my FB page.

    P.S. To John thanks for your service. Maybe we met as I was on in Afghanistan also. You two look like you have it together and are having a ball travelling even before you both went RVing. Safe travels! Happy travels!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Thank you!! We have really enjoyed learning and being able to share what we’re learning with everyone! We like making the videos but the blog posts are sometimes more fun! Thanks for your feedback too, it’s very encouraging!!


    • Hebard's Travels says:

      Thank you Hennie! We finally figured that out and forgot to update the post! It does work really well 🙂 originally we thought that was a fake app on the fire stick because it was blue instead of red. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Tom says:

    You talk about how people should ask permission and/or make purchase to use wifi then talk about kodi and stealing HBO and Showtime….


    • hebardstravels says:

      Tom, we have not used Kodi, we actually couldn’t even find it. We don’t have HBO or Showtime either or even watch them. Thank you for your concern. We did not know anything about Kodi prior to the posting. We do use our Amazon Fire, Amazon Prime for probably 99% of our TV entertainment. Sometimes we will watch the local weather.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Adam says:

    Hey check into Kodi…it can be downloaded into amazon stick..and other streaming devices. I paid for someone to put it on mine. Its amazing any tv show including on hbo..showtime etc… is in the kodi app next day. The app is good has little apps inside it and exodus is the best for streaming. Also movies can be streamed anything digital is on there and some still in theaters. Old movies and shows are on there as well. Check it out its free.


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