Transition Date Moved Up… Things are in fast forward mode now!

Most people will talk about this date getting pushed back. We thought that our landlords wanted the property empty by June 29th. We made plans for everything including the nearby RV park that we would have our things in storage and we would be out of their house by that date. Now they would like us to be out by the time they visit in May. So we lost 5 weeks of work. So this is how we do it:


Closet gets taken down into cubes and sterlite containers 🙂 this also keeps our clothing accessible while we wait to move our traveling things onto the rv.  The furniture with no emotional value gets sold first. We also let our family have first pick of anything they wanted and then friends.

We are also getting a very small storage shed for a couple of items that gave a very emotional background and we aren’t ready to let go of. Those items will go in the storage shed for now.

Next: make three piles with the left over just like the old organization shows on TV. We make. Trash pile, a donate pile, and a sell pile. Thankfully with our last move 2 years ago we sort of did this, but living in a house you just start collecting stuff. I am still throwing out paper ads from confrences 3 years ago. Things get set aside and forgotten.

All of this sounds very first world, but John and I are truly trying to get down to things we will be using every day or every week.

We had a small side freezer in our garage that a friend was wanting. It had quite a bit of food in it that we had been using to buy food for a good deal and freeze to last longer. Since we now have a normal size fridge and freezer and that is all, we let the extra food go too.

We sold our old truck and we are keeping a second vehicle until we get to start traveling more. We did not want to drive another vehicle while traveling. It is easier to keep us in one vehicle. Several have asked how I will get to work if there is one car/truck… well I didn’t have a car for 7 years in college and 3 years after. I was in great shape and loved biking. There are also things like taxis and just sharing a car. Our society has become very dependent on everyone owning their own car.

Chemicals: RVs still need cleaning chemicals. We did some small amounts of research on safe products for the rv and environment. Our favorite products that were easy to get seemed to be Frosch products. I know you can make them yourselves but the truth is that I’m not a chemist.


These are also quite a bit safer for pets supposedly.

There are several types of materials we don’t always see in traditional homes like vinyl flooring and awnings, thick wall paper, exposed and finished wood, and the basement flooring is lined as well. The fiberglass outside has special cleaning requirements that are a little more gentle and the gel coat paint on the exterior as well.

All of these differences are things to consider when you will be staying in an rv for longer durations and you want to maintain it properly.

The RV Carpet even has its own set of guidelines and rules.

If we were moving to Florida and buying a small home we would have done the same thing minus the 5er and truck. We would have paired down everything to essentials and rented a small uhaul trailer. Living in a bigger house made us purchase and collect unnecessary things. We are feeling a lot better with less already.


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