RV Travel Apps We Love

There are several helpful free or cheap tools we have been using that are available at least for Android (we don’t have any apple products!). These are our top 3 favorites.

1. RV Parky – this app combines features such as reviews of RV parks, reservation information, pricing, locations, and allows you to search maps to find places to stay. It is updated by users so you will have to double check information sometimes. One of the best features is the ability to search nearby and find RV sites that are in the area or by your destination area.


RV Parky App

This is a zoomed in area of New Mexico, we have set our search parameters to 50 Amp hook-up, dog friendly, water and sewer, at any rv park, KOA, campground etc. You can save your favorite sites by tapping on their icon and loading their page, and also leave reviews for the future.

Another app called RV Parks ranks the searched options by user review so you can see the highest and lowest. It displays number rankings such as the below photo.









2. Google Keep – Living in an RV forces even the most highly organized members of the family how to organize more. From tiny spaces, to needing to schedule maintenance, places to live, and for us – working while traveling, you have to keep  few lists. This app allows us to create checklists that we can use over and over again. We make lists for groceries, items needing repair, setup and pack up lists, as well as a list for places we are wanting to go. This app can handle I all, and it operates on the Google platform which keeps our phones happy.



You can add others to a shared checklist item or note, and you can categorize them with tags.

3. Entertainment on the road: We enjoy Google Play Music for streaming music. You can download content to your phone and not stream more on your data while traveling. When we are parked we love our Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. We tend to us Hulu for current things to watch, and Netflix for older movies or shows. Amazon Prime is used when we really want to watch something that is not on either one. For books we use either Amazon Kindle or Google Books. Since Google Play Music is about $10/month, and so is Hulu and Netflix (each), we use these to eliminate cable all together. For internet we currently use WiFi when available.

4. For video and photo production we use Nikon WMU app with our Nikon cameras. This allows us to use our phones as a remote for the camera to set picture settings, line up shots, and take photos and videos. For our Phantom 4 we use the DJI App on mobile devices as the remote control screen.

5. For editing we use Adobe Light room as well as GoPro Studios (videos). Then we upload then to our YouTube Red Channel.

All of these aps have so far made planning to travel and traveling a little easier and a little less chaotic which helps when you are just trying to enjoy your freedom time to begin with! If you know of any aps that have any recommendations or comments definitely send us a message. We would love to hear your thoughts!


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