Yamaha EF2000ISv2

We were going to hold off on a generator until we were going out full time, and we were only going to use it in case of an emergency. We planned on staying in campgrounds that we could find for cheap at first and really get used to the RV and power systems. We even wanted to eventually put solar panels on the roof to add protection for our refrigerator and food while on the road. This was only the second time we had hitched the RV up to the truck (taking it in for maintenance) and we had killed the batteries because we left 3 led lights on for 5 nights, and the battery disconnect in the incorrect position. You would think “Battery Disconnect- On” would mean that it is engaged. This is not the case. Turns out you need to equate it to a double negative, meaning “Battery Disconnect-off” means the power is actually shut off.

This generator will really only be used in an emergency use when we basically do not have enough power to get the jacks up and slides in and need to keep the dogs at a safe temperature for the RV. Although we plan on chasing better weather, Laura has lived in Kansas a long time and seen the difficulty in predicting weather throughout the Midwest. This offers peace of mind that if we do kill the batteries we have a backup source of power to get out of a rough situation and get everyone to a safer climate. This model is not enough to power air conditioning units but will power mostly everything else in the RV if needed. We have agreed previously that if the weather is not safe enough to be off of shore power, we will find a place to stay the night. The only other usage would be if we did not want to use our solar power in the cabin for doing computer work outside or similar event.

This version is only 46 pounds, and has a 1.1 gallon gasoline reservoir. It is one of the quietest generators we could find which in an emergency situation, this does not matter, however we felt more comfortable with it anyways. If you would like more information on this product, check out the following link. On Amazon it is currently running around $950.00. If you have any thoughts or comments feel free to leave them below! Thank you!

Ab update on the generator! We hooked our fiver up this morning and within 10 minutes (well have to time it next time), our 4 – 6volt batteries were charged to 3/4 full. This was plenty of power to get our Jacks up and get the RV back to the shop for the hydraulic fluid leak and warranty repairs. Awesome!

Yamaha 2000isv2


2 thoughts on “Yamaha EF2000ISv2

    • hebardstravels says:

      That’s what we were thinking. We may even skip solar if that works well. The generator ran like a dream this morning and we got the RV back to the shop for the hydraulic fluid leak! That generator took ten minutes to charge 3/4 of the batteries. Just one unit not the companion! Impressive.

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