2nd Time Hooking Up Woes

So we came back to the storage facillity today to hook up and haul back to Camping World to fix the hydraulic fluid leak, make sure the inverter is ok.

Upon arrival we found the Battery Voltage low warning, and the Jacks did not have enough power.

Solution attempt #1 – Hook up jump box (yes it was charged recently and fully powered). This did not supply enough power to help the jacks so we could just get the trailer going).

Solution Attempt #2 – Truck positive point on the battery to a ground on the truck hooked up to a positive and negative post on the fiver batteries. This did not seem to charge the battery or increase rpms in the truck. The cables did not overheat or smoke we believe because it was not creating enough power to do either.

Solution Attempt #3 – Truck Battery to fiver battery. This made the cables very hot very quickly and we disconnected but it did increase the truck rpms and it changed the battery status on the fiver from low voltage to just one light lit up on the control panel inside.

Solution attempt #4 – Purchase 2000w generator that we were going to need anyways so we can have emergency back up power and use that to charge the batteries. Since we are now losing daylight we are waiting until morning to try this.

**UPDATE** Solution attempt no. 4 for the win!! we used the Yamaha 2000 watt generator as mentioned preciously, it charged the batteries to 3/4 full in under 10 minutes, not on eco mode. The jacks came up and we were able to hitch and tow. We got to Camping World of Kansas City for the repair work. We honestly would not have hauled all the way back to them, and looked for somewhere more local. However, we have a feeling they knew this was an issue, because of the huge clean up swipe marks left in the front storage bay. Only half of the bay needed cleaning which left dust on half and swipe mark on the hydraulic fluid leak side. The leaked fluid is all over electrical cords, batteries and cords, filled the inverter box etc. We will update more as we find out what they can do!**


Hydraulic fluid that leaked all over the inverter box sitting directly below the resevoir. Notice the LCD screen is filled with the fluid.


Don’t worry, after it flooded the inverter it also saturated the brand new batteries.


New generator to help us when we kill the batteries. This was the unboxing. Don’t worry, we won’t fire it up in the house.


This is how we left the rv, John was thinking the battery disconnect should be on while we are gone. In the interest of double negatives equalling a positive, I agreed. What it actually means is that the batteries are connected.


Battery disconnect off actually means that the batteries are off. I feel like whoever made these labels should probably change the wording on this. Also to double check it we should have gone in the rv to make sure the light switches (all three of them) were turned to the off position.

To be continued… as always please leave advice!


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